“Connecticut’s Countryside” branding initiative links four small towns 


The town of Mansfield, Connecticut is partnering with Bolton, Coventry and Tolland in a regional branding initiative intended to draw visitors to the area, according to a press release. 

The branding initiative, known as “Connecticut’s Countryside,” advertises the four towns as an idyllic destination for outdoor recreation, agriculture, entertainment and more. 

The initiative “reflects the strengths of the four-town region to encourage visitors and support business growth,” the press release said. 

Cynthia van Zelm, executive director of the Mansfield Downtown Partnership, said that the marketing strategy will benefit all four towns involved. 

“Our expectation is that the branding effort will increase visitation to our region and provide incentive for people and businesses to locate in the region, adding vitality to our area, and diversifying and growing the tax base,” van Zelm said in an email. 

The initiative includes a logo designed by advertising firm Dornenburg Kallenbach Advertising (DKA). It features an outline of Connecticut, an illustration of the countryside, the names of the four towns and the tagline “Adventure, Agriculture, Arts & More!” 

The logo encapsulates the “authenticity of the countryside,” Tod Kallenbach, vice president of DKA, said in a telephone interview. 

This branding initiative follows the Action Plan for Economic Vitality, developed in 2020, which “determined that the region has a significant opportunity as a desirable destination to dine, shop and play,” according to the press release. It attributed the region’s desirability to resources including “outdoor recreation, agriculture and agri-tourism, culture and entertainment, higher education institutions, and small businesses and entrepreneurs.” 

The name “Connecticut’s Countryside” was chosen through a “community input process, including a widely distributed survey,” the press release said. 

Kallenbach explained that a survey was sent out and posted on each town’s personal website for two weeks. It received 277 responses, of which “Connecticut’s Countryside” was “overwhelmingly” favored. 

“It kind of creates a sense of place or location, a sense of destination,” Kallenbach said of the brand name. 

The next steps for the regional branding initiative include creating social media channels and developing a website, which Kallenbach said he hopes to accomplish within the next year. 

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