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The Botanist in Montville opened recreational sales following its legalization on Jan 10. Many dispensaries report struggling with the massive increase in customers on the first morning of legal recreational sales. Photo by Jayden Colon / Daily Campus

Recreational sales of cannabis in Connecticut have brought dispensaries over $2 million in eight days, a Hartford Courant article said. 

Jan. 10 marked the first day of dispensaries being able to sell cannabis products for recreational use in the state. 

Seven new hybrid dispensaries opened on Jan. 10 where in addition to the medical marijuana they previously were selling, can now also sell adult-use cannabis. 

Almost 18% of the $2 million total was sold on the first day. The price per item sold was reported at just over an average of $44. 

Owners and executives at these hybrid dispensaries expressed their optimism for the future of their business and the culture of recreational cannabis use in Connecticut. 

 Chief operating officer of Fine Fettle Ben Zachs told the Hartford Courant that producers had provided fewer products than he had hoped. “There’s a learning curve that people need to go into the Connecticut market, but there’s clear demand and I think people were happy overall.”  

NBC Connecticut reported that a pedestrian died last night in East Hartford after being hit by an unknown driver. 

The hit-and-run occurred after dark on Wednesday evening. Hartford police arrived at the scene on Pitkin Street. 

Police said the victim was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead later upon arrival. 

The car suspected to have hit the pedestrian is a silver Hyundai with damage to its front-end. Local police and authorities are still searching for the driver who fled the scene. 

A bill has been proposed in the Connecticut state legislature that could give children 12 years and older the right to get vaccinations without parental consent, a Fox News article said. 

The bill was proposed by Democrat Rep. Kevin Ryan for Connecticut’s 2023 legislative session. It is currently not clear if the bill will make it to the floor vote stage. 

Ryan’s proposed bill doesn’t rule out vaccines aside from COVID-19 ones.  

Currently, parents and or guardians of minors in Connecticut must give verbal or written consent on behalf of their child to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a Fox News article said. 

“As their representative, it’s my duty to express their requests and ensure their concerns have been taken seriously, especially on a health care issue,” Ryan said according to the article. 

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