A Valentine’s Day soundtrack perfect for enjoying with your partner or remembering your ex

Music is a great way to get into the spirit of a holiday. Here’s a Valentine’s Day soundtrack perfect for enjoying with your partner or remembering your ex. Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran/The Daily Campus

Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day fan or its greatest hater, everyone loves a good love song. This year, to soundtrack your Valentine’s Day and beyond, here are ten bonafide, high-quality love songs. Spanning different relationship stages and moods, these songs offer something for everyone who is familiar with the natural, confusing and beautiful human emotion called love.

Kicking off the roster is the disco-infused “Charmed” by DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ. A dance floor-ready banger, this track describes the feeling of becoming infatuated with someone who may or may not reciprocate such feelings. Whether or not luck is in your favor, there’s no denying its infectious grooves or perfectly utilized Gwen Stefani sample.

Perhaps your initial encounter was a success, but you now find yourself in the midst of another mental health-damaging talking stage. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Gimmie Love” has you covered. Slower than “Charmed” while retaining a strong rhythmic backbone, Jepsen’s lyrics capture all the uncertainties and mistakes you think about when you’re trying to sleep, praying for success in a long-term relationship.

Desire in its purest form is portrayed in the next two songs. The reggae classic, “Is This Love,” from Bob Marley & The Wailer is simple in scope but powerful in its message and intention. Meanwhile, Adrianne Lenker’s “anything” is a delicate, tender ballad. She softly and sweetly sings, “I don’t wanna be the owner of your fantasy / I just wanna be a part of your family,” signaling a love that goes beyond a one-night stand. 

Maybe you’re conflicted but end up going back to that one person all the same. Maybe you need to remember to love yourself too. Either way, SZA’s soulful “Drew Barrymore” should suffice. Her warm vocals combined with the lush strings in the chorus wrap around you like a forcefield that deflects toxicity, but it only works if you let it.

What better title for a love song is there than The Cure’s “Lovesong?” Serving as the perfect companion to those dealing with a long-distance relationship, it’s straightforward, catchy and passionate. When frontman Robert Smith sings, “However far away / I will always love you,” it’s a reminder that it’s all worth it.

For those looking for a soundtrack that’s a little more intimate, start the evening off with “Tonight’s the Night” by Janet Jackson and continue with FKA Twigs’ “Careless.” Both songs offer reassurance and comfort for those vulnerable moments. Finish off the (hopefully) magical night with “Cocoon” by Björk. “Cocoon” is nocturnal, so soft and close that it feels like Björk’s whispering directly in your ear. No song has captured the intimacy of lovemaking in such a way.

Closing out this Valentine’s Day playlist is none other than “Love Is…” by Common. Produced by the great J Dilla, this song is an all-encompassing portrayal of love as it exists in everyone. Common describes how even if love is buried behind a mask of toughness, it’s still there, and that just makes it all the more special.

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