Do you need help imagining your dream Valentine’s Day?

Do you need help imagining your dream Valentine’s Day? Here’s a list of tips to concoct just that! Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran/The Daily Campus

Hey there, if you’re like me while reading this Valentine’s Day issue of the paper, you’ve probably run into an issue. Perhaps you’re on your own or simply in a bit of a rut in your life and are struggling to find joy in the holiday; regardless of the reason, welcome to the club.

The goal of this article is to concoct a dream Valentine’s Day: 24 hours that encapsulate as much joy as we can possibly cram in it. So, to help fuel your imagination here’s a list of tips to get the mind thinking. 

Step 1. Conjure up a partner.

Of course, it would be ideal if the person you have a crush on — or wish had one on you — would just turn up out of the blue, but if you haven’t got a date or significant other, don’t fret. Grab your cat if you have one! Otherwise, a rock with a smiley face drawn on should do just fine. Really, the goal is to feel less alone and to feel a connection with something other than yourself — which wouldn’t do you any good. 

Importantly, you have to feel some connection to your dream Valentine’s partner. Admittedly, if you’re planning to celebrate with your cat, it’s probably hopeless.

Step 2. Imagine the scenery.

Would you like to be whisked away to a field of roses? Or maybe use the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop to your corny touristy couple selfie? No, of course not. These are way too basic, too predictable. A dream Valentine’s Day should be unforgettable, right? Okay, so let’s think … somewhere haunted? No, that’s too spooky. How about something highly dangerous?

Here’s an idea. Maybe your date surprises you with a Valentine’s Day adventure to Mount Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland. While it hasn’t erupted since Aug. 2022, stay there for a while and get a sense of the place. If the temperature starts increasing, get a light jog going while holding hands to get out of the blast radius.

Think of the memories you would make — things really would heat up! Okay, that’s a little far-fetched, but imagine your dream Valentine’s Day destination. Is it the comfort of your room? The amusements of your local Chili’s? Either way, I’m sure you’ll get there someday, but for now just imagine it the best you can.

Step 3. Imagine having more confidence than you can imagine. Is that even pos— 

This is the hardest step of them all, but of course the last thing we want is an awkward dream Valentine’s Day. So when pondering your ideal Valentine’s Day, try and imagine your best self. A version of you not held back by anxiety or doubt, a version of you who says immediately what comes to your mind with the utmost confidence. It’s the skill of fake confidence.

Imagine the scene of escaping from a volcanic eruption with your partner. With lava chasing you and ash getting stuck in your partner’s hair; instead of screaming for your lives and probably crying out of fear, start laughing and say a comical line such as “You’re hot!” Can’t you just imagine the smiles on your faces?

The bottom line is that whether you’re planning a real Valentine’s Day or just dreaming, you should really be yourself on a day in which you celebrate your relationship. Don’t let your thoughts get the best of you. Value yourself as much as your partner.

Now, these three steps should hopefully help you when you’re brainstorming your dream Valentine’s Day. Just remember: Imagine a partner, a place and confidence. This mix should suffice to let you dream the day you wish you were having. But who knows, maybe one day your dreams will come true! Just hopefully not the volcano eruption.

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