Open Ended Survey Results


The Daily Campus conducts an annual survey of the UConn student population about relationships and love on campus. This is what students had to say to the question: Share any memorable/funny dating or sex stories!

  • One time I was hooking up with this guy and took a break to go upstairs and grab something. Upstairs, I found the carcass of a peanut butter chocolate cliff bar, eaten by my cat. I panic and call animal poison control (yes, it exists and costs $95 for a basic consultation) while the guy is still at my house sitting awkwardly on my couch until he made up an excuse to leave. Never saw him again after that!
  • Uconn was the first (and hopefully only) place I’ve been vomited on while receiving head! One of the very few times I’ve been left totally speechless.
  • I was seconds away from hooking up with a girl when she got a call that her chlamydia test results were positive.
  • I hit my head on the lamp on the bedside table
  • Had sex on the train tracks at Spring Valley Farm
  • Having sex by the train tracks by spring valley farm
  • One time I had to pee halfway during sex so I went to the bathroom and peed for a straight minute and a half. Also, my partner gave me a dress to wear in case anyone saw me (it was a girls-only dorm).
  • I have been to Dog Lane in every first date I’ve had since I’ve been at UConn. Men just love to take me there!
  • I ended up dating my crush from 7th grade (I am now a sophomore in college).
  • my ex sent me a playlist that was the same one as his ex’s. i watched him copy each song from his ex’s playlist and put it on ‘my playlist’
  • My boyfriend and I had sex while his laptop was playing chess commentary once
  • My first date with my current boyfriends (of 2 years!) consisted of my mom driving to pick him up from his house and bring us back to my house. We then played Wii Sports in my room together, and we were so absorbed we didn’t realize that hours had passed until we looked outside and it was already dark.
  • Got walked in on by my ex’s roommate. My ex was pissed and kicked me out after, but when I went to go say sorry to the roommate she said “it’s all good also you got a fat ass my dude”.
  • While I was losing my virginity my pet cat was screaming bloody murder in the next room…the. entire. time.
  • my bed was so loud during sex we moved to the floor so my roommates wouldn’t hear and i got the worst rug burn on my back, forearms, and legs that didn’t go away for 2 weeks
  • I was having sex with my friend with benefits at the time and as he was pulling out, I jumped off of him in my attempt to pull out as well and he got cum in his eye. I thought it was hilarious, he didn’t, and that was the last time we had sex.
  • Had a one night stand with a guy who didn’t go to UConn and kicked him out my apartment at 6AM. Not sure if his friends were up to pick him up but I literally didn’t care.
  • I met my boy at the involvement fair I mean it can’t get more wholesome than that. I HATE dating apps.
  • one time during sex, we were switching positions and i said “oh, it’s about to get wicked.”
  • Threw up while on top (not on the person tho successfully into a trash can) and they continued to see me after that lol

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