Roundtable: Ideal Senior Scoop flavor 

By: Zaire Diaz / The Daily Campus

The results are in, and UConn’s official 2023 Senior Scoop is almond ice cream with dark chocolate flakes and caramel swirl!  

The flavor was chosen by a panel of judges based on senior-submitted flavor and mix-in options. The 2023 senior scoop is yet to be named, so if you are a UConn senior, try your hand at naming the flavor and securing a spot on the Dairy Bar Senior Scoop plaque! 

With taste in ice cream varying from person to person, The Daily Campus Life writers are here to share their ideal Senior Scoop flavors:  

Karla Perez, CC 

According to some people, my ice cream preferences tend to be boring. I strictly only ever reach for mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough whenever the dining halls have them.  

However, there is one flavor that I think people seriously overlook: raspberry cheesecake. It’s one of those flavors that I forget exists, but am always delighted to rediscover. Though not a very popular flavor, it never disappoints.  

My ideal Senior Scoop flavor would be raspberry cheesecake ice cream with cookie dough pieces and a fudge swirl. I would name this whimsical flavor “Husky Sweetness Central.” This flavor would definitely satisfy your sweet cravings without being overly sweet, as the tartness from the raspberry would even out the richness of the cheesecake and cookie dough. I will definitely submit this suggestion when my senior year comes around.   

Joanne Biju, ALE 

Last summer, I fell in love with matcha. Refusing to stock my dorm room fridge with milk, I tried my hand at making matcha with alternative forms of dairy — namely ice cream available at the dining halls.  

I began with humble vanilla. The product? A creamy and indulgent drink that would put matcha from Dunkin’ to shame. I then got a bit adventurous, choosing to try making matcha with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. This was a textural flop. Next, I tried using cookies and cream ice cream; ding, ding, ding! Folks, we had a winner — the flavor profile was unmatched.  

Thus, my ideal Senior Scoop flavor would be matcha ice cream with cake batter swirl and Oreo chunks. Matcha ice cream on its own can be unappealing to many due to its earthy taste; but a cake batter swirl would cut through any bitterness and including Oreo chunks would mimic my stellar version of dorm-room matcha. It’s a little out there, I know, but I think people would be pleasantly surprised by the flavor combination!  

Since UConn is commonly referred to as “cow-town,” a fitting name for the grass-colored Senior Scoop flavor would be “Grazing to Graduation.” While I’m graduating in May, perhaps this flavor will kick off in the years to come.  

Mariia Barabanova, CC 

Choosing a Senior Scoop Flavor is different from naming your favorite ice cream; I would pick something I associate with UConn in some way. In a way, it would make sense for the flavor to be something known and loved by everyone — like simple vanilla or chocolate ice cream. But to express the diverse, deep experiences students gain throughout their undergraduate studies, I would make the Senior Scoop flavor something slightly “complicated” and multi-flavored. 

For example, vanilla ice cream with all kinds of chocolate chips —  milk, dark and white — and a caramel swirl. Some may say that would be too much or too sweet, but I feel like that would still be a well-liked flavor, since it combines different people’s individual “elements” of an ice cream flavor into one.   

I would even go as far as changing the base flavor to something less basic than vanilla — like mint or pistachio — but I realize that the more complicated you make a flavor, the less people would really enjoy it.  

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