USG Election Results: Heiden and Spinelli win USG president/VP 

The USG offices, located on the second floor of the Student Union. The USG Election’s results are in, with new members in the position for USG President, Chief Diversity Officer, and Undergraduate Trustee. Photo by Heemin Koo/The Daily Campus.

The Undergraduate Student Government Spring Election results have been released after voting ended March 3. A total of 2,254 votes were cast by University of Connecticut students. 

For USG president/VP, Jon Heiden and Peter Spinelli won with 1,183 votes while Ramon Peters and Christopher Lema obtained 655 votes. All candidates lost votes due to election violations, however the exact details of the election violations have yet to be released.  

For Chief Diversity Officer, Tae’Niajha Pullen won with 1,338 votes while Angelo Montes obtained 702 votes. 

For a brief moment, many students reported being unable to vote for CDO. USG Chief Justice Jack Romine said that this error occurred for only a small portion of students. 

“There was a problem with the ballot for the first 15 minutes of the election period, where students were unable to vote for CDO. I would like to stress that the ballot is not under the control of USG, and the amount of votes affected was minimal (3.3% of the total vote),” Romine said. 

According to Romine, the Office of Student Activities is the branch of the University which handles the ballots for the USG election.  

For Comptroller, Benjamin Keilty won with 1,125 votes while Charisma Farrington obtained 1,008 votes. 

For the USG senate races, while no race was contested many USG senators were elected/re-elected.  

For the School of Business, Nicholas Palumbo, Heaven Buckham and Alron D’Mello were elected as USG senators. One vacant seat remains for the School of Business. 

For the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Isabella Norato, Kyle Lowry, Allison Petkins, Araceli Tello, Elizabeth Garcia, Will Herens, George Kurian, Dylan Antonucci, Jacob Scataglini and Suraj Kalaria were all elected USG senators. 

For the School of Engineering, Sean Dunn, Quinn McAndrew, Aya Amoudi, Josh Schulman and Nicholas Bassett were elected as USG senators.  

For Multicultural and Diversity candidates, Charisma Farrington, Haritha Subramanian, Gianna Rivera, Mohammad Amil and Alexa Udell were all elected as USG senators. Two vacant seats remain for the Multicultural and Diversity candidates. 

For the School of Nursing, Allison Villano was elected as the sole USG senator. One vacant seat remains for the School of Nursing.  

For the School of Pharmacy, the School of Fine Arts, the Neag School of Education, the Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES) and the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR), all USG senate seats remain vacant at this time. 

For ballot initiatives, the USG Constitutional Referendum passed with 1,789 votes for Yes, while 461 votes were cast for No. 

And for the Undergraduate Trustee position, Aanya Mehta won with 878 votes and 33% of the vote share. 

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