Applications to UConn steadily increase

UConn had many more undergraduate applications this year. Read more to find out the specifics. Illustration by Krista Mitchell/Daily Campus.

The University of Connecticut received a record number of undergraduate applications this year, not only school wide, but around the world, a UConn Today article said. 

Applications for the Storrs campus class of 2027 rose to nearly 50,000, jumping several thousands from last year’s pool.  

UConn’s Director of Undergraduate Admissions Vern Granger shed light on reasons as to why application numbers were so high.  

“We believe it is a combination of an increase in UConn’s student engagement activities through its admissions office and perception about the strong value of the UConn education,” Granger said.  

The university expressed that applications in the most recent pool ranged from a diverse group of candidates.  

“The applicant growth was strong in all categories: Connecticut residents, high schoolers from other states, and aspiring students from other nations,” the article stated. “The applicant pool’s diversity is also again at an all-time high, with strong interest from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations and students who would be the first in their families to attend college.” 

Having had more students apply, admissions are looking at ways to increase the number of accepted students compared to previous years, Granger explained.  

“UConn has received a record number of applications for admission consideration. At the same time, we are tracking towards a record number of admits to Storrs,” Granger said.  

For the Fall 2023 semester, just over 4,000 new huskies will be in Storrs. 

“About 4,100 new students are expected to enroll at Storrs, with notable areas of growth in nursing, computer science and business,” states the article. 

Granger noted what record admission numbers mean for UConn and hopes for future applicants in response to these numbers. 

“While it is difficult to predict the future in application trends, UConn will continue to focus on outreach to talented and diverse students throughout Connecticut, nationally and across the globe,” Granger said.  

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