Pink Floyd’s new version of ‘Time’ doesn’t make sense


When I found out this week that Pink Floyd released a new version of their song “Time” to Spotify, I was instantly intrigued. While I’m incredibly indecisive when it comes to picking favorite things, “Time” easily makes my shortlist of favorite songs. Unfortunately, when I played the track, it instantly felt wrong. While much of the song is seemingly identical to the original 1973 recording, the over-two-minute instrumental introduction had been cut down to 30 seconds, a minute of the guitar solo was gone and the very end of the song, which used to be a reprise of the song “Breathe,” also from the “Dark Side of the Moon” album, was replaced by snippet of the intro instrumental that had been cut from the original beginning. 

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with re-doing or reimagining a song. While I vehemently disagree with all he stands for values-wise, I have always thought that Eric Clapton’s acoustic version of “Layla” is a great example of an artist taking one of their own songs and putting a new spin on it. However, this is not the case with the new version of “Time.” If whoever was responsible for this recording made a completely new version of the song, that could be really valuable; but to put it bluntly, the edits made to the song that was released could have been done in a free editing software in about 30 minutes. 

The problem with this release is that it’s hard to figure out what audience it’s for. Sure, an argument could be made that the attention span of today’s music listeners isn’t the longest, and that maybe a 6:53-length song might play a bit better if it was 3:30 like the new recording is. The irony comes both with what was taken out, and how all of that fits with the lyrics of the song. It’s a song about how people waste their lives by not realizing time is passing so quickly, and the drawn-out instrumental parts have always, at least to me, been integral to creating a very unique vibe for the song. In a version that’s now mostly verses, it begins to feel like one is just being talked at. 

In trying to find reasoning for cutting the guitar solo specifically, my mind initially went to the fact that Pink Floyd’s members are not on good terms, and that maybe Roger Waters simply cut David Gilmour’s major contribution out to make a statement, but Waters recently had high praise for Gilmour’s guitar work in a Feb. 19 Instagram post. 

“In my, albeit biased view, Dave’s solos on those albums, constitute a collection of some of the very best guitar solos in the history of Rock and Roll,” Waters said. 

While people can speculate all they want about the motives behind this recording, one thing is clear: it’s nothing new, just weirdly recycled in a way that makes me question the point. What is new is that Waters apparently plans on releasing a rerecording of the whole “Dark Side” album in May according to the Telegraph, without the help of living ex-bandmates Nick Mason and Gilmour. I personally don’t really know what to expect, but hopefully it’s an original take, not just a rearrangement of what’s already great. 


  1. Going to advocate here, but if it sounds just like the original than it is not likely a new version, but merely the single edit. Pink Floyd have not released a new version of the song, although Roger has recorded a new version solo.

  2. This is not a Pink Floyd release. It is Roger Waters recording Dark Side as a solo project, which he is entitled to as a copyright holder. I’m positive Dave Gilmour and Nick Mason would never be involved in such a project, and definitely not with Roger.

    • No he is not the total copy right holder. The whole band are the copy rights holders. Although Waters wrote all of the lyrics not all of DSOTM’s music was written by Waters. All one has to do is check the song writing credits to know this. Wright ALL of the music for the song US And THEM. Any Colour You Like (instrumental) and the song , Great Gig The Sky (instrumental with vocals but no lyrics. Glimour , wrote alot of the music as well , like the song , Time.. Even the drummer Mason gets a song writing credit for 1 song.
      The only song that Roger wrote all by himself was the song , Money.
      If you check the albums Wish You Were Here , most of the music was written by Glimour and Wright. Songs like SHINE ON and Wish You Were Here.
      Rogers songs are Have A Cigar and Welcome To the Machine.
      On the albums Meddle the song long song , ECHOS and ONE OF DAYS was written by Glimour and Wright. In Animals Gilmour helped write the music to the song DOGS.
      On The WALL Gilmour helped write the songs , Comfortly Numb , Run Like Hell and Another Brick in the Wall part 2.
      I listen to Pink Floyd to hear Gilmore’s singing voice , Gilmour’s amazing solos , Gilmour’s unique blues style sound and Wright’s keyboards.
      That IS Pink Floyd’s real sound not Water’s voice and bass playing.

  3. It’s not a new version. It’s a very old version. It’s the radio edit which was never commercially available.
    And of course it’s been butchered but that’s what radio edits do. Stick to the album if you don’t like it.

    Roger Water had nothing to do with this. And yes, he’s releasing an actually new version of Dark Side of the Moon soon too, which is problematic in its own way and probably much more worthy of a thinkpiece than this piece of ignorance.

    Five seconds of Googling would have saved all this.

    • Thank you, Bill. True journalism is dead when the writer is perfectly allowed to publish straight up nonsense without compunction or censure. Of course someone read this article and believes every word of it. Few people want to actually go find sources of information to corroborate and reinforce their beliefs and opinions. It’s easier to share our ignorance on the little icons at the bottom of web pages: the W, the bird, and the F.

  4. A full article of a misguided opinion. This is not a new version of “Time”, it’s the radio edit from the 70’s.

  5. I take it the author of this piece had a quota to fulfill, as it shows a complete lack of even basic research performed. This is a radio edit. Not a new release. The author is trying to capitalize on the fan interest that was generated by a recent slew of Twitter postings after Roger was purposefully misquoted by another “journalist” who was trying to stir the pot.

  6. This is a really poorly done article. This is an Rogers version this is a single edit for radio time. What are the requirements for this job event? Being a good journalist certainly isn’t one

  7. Horrible reporting.
    Like I give a rats butt what your overall OPINION is!!
    Let me know when your stuff hits the charts…I won’t hold my breath

  8. This is the original radio single from 1973. It’s 100 percent for collectible purposes. Also, David Gilmour and Nick Mason are the only two people with any access to the Floyd catalog and band name outside of The Wall and The Final Cut which Roger has rights to.

  9. This author should not be writing pieces about music, let alone discuss historic albums that changed music and songs from within. He has not done one single bit of research. It’s absolutely ridiculous that he thinks “Pink floyd” re released Time…. I think everybody here already said where this piece of music came from, so there no need to go on about it; however, I felt that people need to know that this so-called author is absolutely ignorant, and i am unsure how he even keeps his job.

  10. It was Waters who said “Gilmours solos were shit”. I am a rock & roll junkie & have been for 50 years, seen Floyd 5 times, 3 with àll 4 founding members, 2 without Waters. Gilmour sàid spending time with Roger wàs like kissing your ex wife,. Gilmours skill is absolutely incredible, he can make sounds that u thought weren’t possible,. I saw Àtomic Rooster, Çhicken Shack, Scorpions & on & on. I am not bràgging I am saiying I have à great knowledge of greàt rock guitarist, if I hàd à coñcert just for me, it would be mr. Gilmour, Eric

  11. Sadly , Roger Waters ego over the decades has almost wreaked Pink Floyd’s legacy by his megalomaniac behavior. Roger , left the band in the 1980s and he still whinging about it. IT WAS ALL , Me , me , me. ???
    Imagine when Peter Gabriel left Genesis and was still angry/whining about it today? Rogers , wrote most of Pink Floyd’s lyrics however Gilmour sang more of Pink Floyd’s songs.
    Waters , thinks that lyrics are everything.
    Sorry lyrics , are poems set to music.
    I listen to Pink Floyd for it’s music. The Pink Floyd sound that is created by David Gilmour’s unique guitar style (amazing solos too) , Gilmour’s voice and Wright’s keyboards. Not for your bass playing and/or your singing voice. Yes , you have written many great songs , however Glimour and Wright also wrote many of Pink Floyd’s greatest music. ECHOS , One If These Days , Shine On , Wish You Were Here. Dogs , from Animals. Comfortly Numb , Run Like Hell and Another Brick In The Wall Part 2
    Wright , wrote the songs music by himself for , US AND THEM , Any Colour You Like and Great GIG In The Sky , as just some of many excellent examples. Glimour , also wrote some of the music for , DSOTM. All one has to do is see the song writing credits on Pink Floyd’s albums to know.

  12. How to destroy you journalism career in one article. It’s RADIO EDIT from the 1970s. You might need to Bing that over your next frappe latte.

  13. Roger Waters release not Pink Floyd,so I switched off when your very first remark was incorrect🤷🏻‍♂️
    Who cares anyway. Enjoy it or don’t.
    Pretty simple.

  14. If a PF. Song makes no sense then bet on Roger Waters having written it.
    Sadly when comparing Roger to Syd Syd is the sane one

  15. All this “rerecording DSotM” is just a pathetic cash grab that I’d hoped everyone would be smart enough to see and avoid. Don’t taint your record collections with this cheap imitation claiming to be the real thing. Sure, Waters owns the copyright, but that doesn’t mean he is the band or possesses all of the raw talent and technical skill to truly recreate Dark Side on his own.

  16. Doing a remake of DSOTM would be like doing a remake of The Godfather. In other words you do not mess with perfection.

  17. Yo, genius… would take all of 1 second to look at the art attached to the version you’re talking about to see it’s a 45. Were you listening with your eyes closed??

  18. So much garbage in an outragious critiqoe..
    No one eants to waste so much time going thru this piece of trash.
    Gros up and keep your revirws shorter and better interest will follow

  19. Do some research buddy, this is a radio edit likely from the time of release – a novelty relic for fans, not some reimagining or new version of the song.

  20. “While I vehemently disagree with all he stands for values-wise.”

    I think it’s time for your booster. Your gums are still flapping. But don’t be too SADS…about it…
    You’ll be curled up & blue soon enough.

  21. Just the next installment of R. Waters v. what’s left of the full band (or D. Gilmour). Sad, really, further tarnishing Waters’ legacy. DSOTM is a bonafide classic and one of the only times the band worked in complete harmony. As many have said, why tinker with “perfection”?

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