Roundtable: Must-do activities before graduation

Here are some of Life’s suggestions on activities to do before graduation (whether or not you’re a senior!). Illustration by Sarah Chantres/The Daily Campus.

With the end of the semester fast approaching, now is the time for graduating seniors to cross off any remaining activities on their undergraduate bucket list. While that doesn’t necessarily mean putting school on the back burner, spending time with friends and partaking in traditions central to UConn can be well worth the extra effort!  

Here are some of Life’s suggestions on activities to do before graduation (whether or not you’re a senior!):  

Karla Perez, CC 

As a first-year student at UConn, I haven’t had much time to discover or partake in many UConn activities. However, if I were a graduating senior seeking to complete my bucket list, I would aim to get a picture with the Jonathan the Husky mascot as soon as possible. While this may not sound like a riveting activity, you could simply consider it as an opportunity to make a memory that will live for eternity in the cloud. Personally, I love taking and collecting pictures of me doing fun things or capturing exciting moments with my friends and family so that one day I could show them to my future co-workers, friends or even kids. The look of UConn’s mascot has changed many times over the decades, so why not capture a piece of the school’s history with a photo? Plus, you’ll have an excuse to attend one of UConn’s many sports events!  

Alicia Gomez, CC 

As a senior, there are a considerable number of things that I have yet to check off on the traditional UConn bucket list. For example, I haven’t attended a basketball game, Spring concert (thanks to COVID-19), or food truck festival. However, visiting the UConn Dairy Bar is one of the most delicious activities you can complete if you’re a senior scrambling to finish your “81 Things to Do Before You Graduate” list. Serving traditional and unique flavors like blueberry cheesecake, cake batter and strawberry lemonade, the Dairy Bar’s locally sourced, award-winning ice cream will surely become your favorite. Even President Joe Biden got his fix of UConn Dairy Bar’s chocolate chip ice cream and brought leftovers to the White House during his visit to UConn. Because it’s located near Horsebarn Hill, you even have a chance to see cows on your way there! My friends and I have made it a point to visit the UConn Dairy Bar every weekend during the Spring semester, and it has become a sweet bonding activity.  

Benjamin Lassy, CC 

With about 40 days left of perhaps the final semester you’ll experience at UConn, there’s no doubt your mind is flooded with thoughts like: “What haven’t I done yet?” or “did I make the best use of my time here?” It’s certainly tricky to navigate these spiraling thoughts, but I have a piece of advice that I think will help: Do something spontaneous and stupid (preferably with friends).  

Now, that’s pretty terrible advice at first glance, please don’t do anything potentially dangerous or harmful. In fact, by “stupid” I really mean “out of the ordinary,” do something that you never imagined you would! Now, this can mean many things for many different people, but think of it this way; what are your most vivid memories? Can you remember the lectures a random professor gave you in your first year? Can you recall every place you’ve had a great meal at?  

I’d venture to say those memories are probably hard to recall. But let’s think again, what’s an experience where you were the most embarrassed, the most shocked, the most dumbfounded or the most confident? Was times like that easier to remember? Maybe you stayed out late with friends and did some shady things with the Moon Club, or perhaps you walked on the ice at Mirror Lake; regardless, here’s my point: Go out on a high note — do something you won’t forget because it is both out of the ordinary and, to be frank, bonkers. You have a little over a month to accomplish your task, better get to work! 

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