‘Emergency NYC’ combats the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ depiction of how a hospital operates


No one wants to find themselves in a hospital. Even more so, no one wants to send a loved one to a hospital. Emergency facilities have a reputation for being places filled with fear, chaos and stress. Even health care professionals admit that being taken to the hospital can lead to the worst day of someone’s life. Despite these startling opinions, everyone needs medical care; therefore, everyone needs to trust doctors and find the courage to overcome any anxieties they may have toward hospitals.  

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the show, “Grey’s Anatomy,” where the environment of a hospital is intensified to keep its viewers engaged. In Netflix’s newly released series, “Emergency NYC,” a number of surgeons, medical vehicle operators, nurses and other medical professionals from New York City hospitals allow cameramen to capture what really happens behind the scenes during a medical emergency. Hopefully, watching the efficiency and intelligence of these trauma specialists help you to trust your doctors no matter how daunting the situation.  

The show comprises a wide variety of emergency situations. Patients’ ages range from infants to seniors. Modes of transportation to the hospital vary from ambulances to helicopters. Health complications involve anything as routine as appendicitis to some as threatening as multiple gunshot wounds. It makes an effort to reveal that no matter the case, medics continuously put their patients’ well-being at the forefront of their minds by suppressing their panic and working quickly. They throw all distractions out the door and promise every single patient that they will be well taken care of.  

These doctors share insights not just on their patients’ conditions, but also their opinions and inferences on how the world has changed since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. They explain how people have let their health conditions slip out from under them out of fear of entering a hospital and contracting COVID-19. The resurgence of people returning to their normal lives has paved the way for more people turning into patients of critical condition. The doctors, of course, don’t shame their patients for something they have little control over, but they do comment on the increased levels of negativity the world has absorbed since 2020.  

In the midst of everything, the show works to highlight that these medical professionals are not just that, but humans as well. Many of them share accounts of medical emergencies taking place in their personal lives. They share how they fell in love with medicine and why their job means so much to them. In each of the hospitals featured, the teams resemble a sort of family dynamic; such a characteristic in a team creates the best possible scenario for the most effective cooperation and partnership. A scene of doctors at Lenox Hill preparing a surprise baby shower for one of their colleagues depicts the best example of this. These professionals know that every patient deserves to have a team of doctors with that kind of chemistry.  

“Emergency NYC” seamlessly finds a connection between reality and entertainment while excluding the drama factor. The doctors speak eloquently enough to describe their patients’ conditions without making it sound as if they should be ashamed for letting their health slip from them. When put in front of a camera, some people might lose their integrity and act out a character that will ramp up views. The “cast” of this show keeps it professional, which is what makes this show something I would recommend to anyone.  

Rating: 5/5 

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