I don’t think I could have survived the ‘Longest Third Date’ 

Netflix has recently released a documentary following Khani Le and Matt Robertson through their newly emerging relationship during the initial shutdown of COVID-19. Illustration by Sarah Chantres/The Daily Campus.

The world remembers all too well what took place on March 13, 2020. People’s lives changed faster than they could process. For some, their lives changed in stranger ways than others’. 

In Netflix’s newly released documentary, “Longest Third Date,” Khani Le and Matt Robertson explain the development of their wholesome yet unexpected relationship. With a combination of their oral recantations as well as a plethora of footage Roberston took over the course of their journey, it feels like the audience gets to relive the messy situation alongside them. 

The pair met on the dating app Hinge. Neither one of them sought out a relationship, but their love for spontaneity and fun made them believe they could be compatible. 

Le and Robertson started by explaining their first two dates. The first took place at an Indian restaurant where Robertson showcased his passion for documenting everything he does. Le shared how she felt mixed emotions about his filming of every drink and food item that was brought to them. Despite this, both of them described it as an ideal first date as they found it surprisingly easy to talk about anything with the other. 

Getting lost in each other’s words, the pair stayed out much later than expected. Robertson eventually departed by giving Le a sweet kiss on the cheek, leaving her wishing he’d gone for the lips. 

This longing paved the way for the second date, where the two went ax throwing and Le met Robertson’s closest friend, Mike. At the end of this date, Le and Robertson grew even more fond of each other and Le finally got her kiss. 

For their third date, the couple took spontaneity to the next level. Given the extremely low cost to travel abroad due to the scare brought on by COVID-19, Robertson suggested that he and Le go to Costa Rica for a few days as their third date. Despite advice from their friends and families, the two book their flights and hotel room and set off. 

The first two of their five-day venture started off just as they planned. Each of them took what was meant to be a quick getaway to live a lavish lifestyle. They admit to having had some awkward moments here and there as any new pair is bound to face, but overall they enjoyed the trip. 

On the third day of their voyage, they received news that their flight back to the United States had been canceled. Unfortunately, this would be the first out of three flight cancellations that extends the pair’s stay. 

Le and Robertson ended up staying in Costa Rica together for a total of 79 days. Over the course of this time, the two faced many ups and downs. Between the flight cancellations, constantly moving hotels and Airbnbs and the added eyes brought on by attention they gained from the media, they questioned if they should go their separate ways once they returned home. 

The producers decide to hold off revealing whether or not Le and Robertson’s spark survived the three months together until the very end. If you aren’t yet exhausted from hearing about the pandemic, I think that this unique story could interest many. 

Rating: 5/5 

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