Do what you need to do to cope 

A sad farewell to the Daily Campus long-standing column, “Inside Maddie’s Mind”. Photo by

Well, Huskies, I never thought this day would come. We’ve made it — to the semi-unofficial but mostly official end of “Inside Maddie’s Mind.” I know, I’m crying too (sobbing actually), but all good things must come to an end, or something like that. And with that, I wanted to break down the column a little bit. So, get ready for the most contemplative meta-analysis of “Inside Maddie’s Mind” yet. If you thought it couldn’t get more introspective than it already is, you’d be wrong. 

I’ve been writing consistently for The Daily Campus’ Opinion section since the beginning of my freshman year. That’s six semesters of almost weekly editions of “Inside Maddie’s Mind” — whether it was officially titled that yet or not, I’ve always just written about whatever idea has been bouncing around in my head as of late. But to me, this column has always been more than a weekly publication. 

So the final take for this column is a relatively simple one: Do what you need to do to cope. 

I’ve said it a million times, but “Inside Maddie’s Mind” has always been my public “diary.” By this, I mean while I’m not necessarily dropping first and last names in the student newspaper (the Opinion section doesn’t allow you to do that, just FYI before anyone gets any ideas), it has been a coping mechanism of sorts. It’s been an outlet of creative expression, and it’s greatly helped. You should find or create something similar for yourself and use it to your benefit. The arts and humanities are cathartic; don’t let anyone tell you that they’re a waste of time. 

Sure, on the surface level I’ve written about banning books, manic pixie dream girls and Nike’s hands-free shoe designs. But even if the average reader who just happened to pick up the paper that day didn’t understand the nuances, I’ve done much more. 

Here’s where I’ll (vaguely) air it all out: throughout the many editions of “Inside Maddie’s Mind,” I’ve shaded situationships and exes alike, while also taking the time to send loving shoutouts to both my friends from home and wonderful roommates. Even beyond personal relationships, I’ve had the platform to explain my frustrations in multiple jobs or other roles I’ve had — ones at The Daily Campus included. Through this column I’ve also navigated changing my major many times (more than you would think) and interacting with difficult professors, while also finding time to touch upon personal grief and the general uncertainties that come with young adulthood. 

In fact, my very first article (merely the beginnings of the weekly peeks into my brain) helped me deal with the frustration of being a freshman in college, locked in my childhood bedroom amid a pandemic — a unique experience at the time in my life, but also one I knew others at the University of Connecticut (and college students all across the country) were concurrently experiencing. 

This is what a lot of it comes down to: the value there is in shared experiences. I’ve said it a thousand times before in a million different ways throughout the existence of “Inside Maddie’s Mind.” If there is an issue that multiple people are facing at once or have faced throughout their life, even if it’s just you and one other person in that moment, there’s value in talking about it. 

“Inside Maddie’s Mind” helped me get through the trials and tribulations of my first three years in college — don’t even get me started on the epic highs and lows of high school football — and you should take the time to find your niche too. Do what you need to do to cope. And hey, I hear the Opinion section is always looking for writers; maybe your niche could be somewhere in The Daily Campus basement too. 

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