A Night at Daily Campus Production Gallery


The production crew at the Daily Campus are those tasked with the job of putting together the digital side as well as the print version of UConn’s student-run newspaper. This photo story gives a glimpse into the inner workings of Daily Campus production, featuring the members at the Daily Campus Tuesday night production on Nov. 1, 2022.

Framed special editions of the Daily Campus newspaper hang displayed for everyone to see within the main working room inside the Daily Campus building located in Storrs, Conn. Special edition copies like these along with other Daily Campus paper copies from the past adorn the interior walls of the building, welcoming those that enter into the heart of UConn’s newspaper. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus
Photo producer Jessica Tusa uses Adobe Photoshop to crop and touch up a UConn women’s volleyball image at the photo computer to be sent to the working sports designer. Photo producers work with and provide photos for designers producing the print copy, along with digital designers who put together articles and images for the online pieces of the Daily Campus. The Daily Campus Photo Department provides pictures for most of the home games for UConn sports among other on-campus related events, creating a large archive for photo producers to choose from on the night of production. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus
Associate Managing Editor Emily O’Bannon explores a dimly lit closet in the basement of the Daily Campus building during a work break. In her spare time at the Daily Campus, Emily loves to adventure around all of the building’s nooks and crannies. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus
Advertising Director and artist Van Nguyen finishes up an illustration to be sent to Emily O’Bannon for an article in Emily’s page design for the Life section of the newspaper. All sections of the newspaper, including the artist and photo sections, work as a team along with the photo producer and designers to build the night’s final product. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus
Managing Editor Sam Zelin marks down Associate Digital Editor Charlotte Chen’s height on the height wall in the Digital Editor office within the Daily Campus building, while photo producer Jessica Tusa and digital designer Shannon Hong observe. The height wall represents those from the Daily Campus’s past and present, inscribing its history with each little height scribble. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus
Business Manager Zachary Wisnefsky (top) attempts to leap over Managing Editor Sam Zelin (bottom) during a race between the two at the end of the production night. After driving home some production members, the two came back through different entrances of the building to find themselves in an obstacle course race production members still working set up while they were gone. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus
Associate Managing Editor Emily O’Bannon works on positioning a piece of artwork into her page design as her work shift comes to an end. The production crew can be on the job as late as 12 or 1am in the morning preparing the pages to be printed for later that day, but all of their effort adds up in the end to create and provide copies of the Daily Campus newspaper for the UConn community on a weekly basis. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus

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