Love endures in ‘Love Is Blind’ season 4 


“Love Is Blind” released their season four reunion on Netflix on April 17. The season’s airing was originally scheduled for April 16, but the live premiere experienced technical difficulties.  

The “Love Is Blind” hive expressed how excited they were with its first-ever live premiere via Twitter, as they still had questions waiting to be answered during the reunion. That Sunday night, #LoveisLate trended on Twitter after the live episode got canceled. 

During the “Love Is Blind” reunion, hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey were able to follow up with the season four cast, along with catching up with the couples who tied the knot during the season. A total of 30 single men and women were part of this season –– one of the show’s largest cast sizes so far.   

For those who have never seen “Love Is Blind,” each participant is in search of love, meeting other singles in enclosed rooms called pods. Through the sole power of conversation, the two are expected to figure out whether or not they are romantically attracted to each other without seeing each other’s physical appearance, before then getting engaged. 

Weeks later, after forming emotionally romantic relationships in the pods, each newly engaged couple meets in person for the first time and face the next required steps together. This includes introducing their partners to their families and getting their blessings, living together in the same household and preparing for their weddings within a few weeks. This allows for the contestants to discover if their relationship is real, and whether it’s worth going through the struggles that accompany love.  

Three couples ended up tying the knot at the end of the season, including Chelsea and Kwame, Bliss and Zack, and Tiffany and Brett, who happened to be my favorite newlyweds from this season.  

During the beginning of the reunion, Chelsea and Kwame revealed they are still married. When Kwame first introduced Chelsea to his family, his mother disagreed with the two being together and chose not to attend their wedding in episode 12. Kwame apologized to Chelsea during the reunion for how he behaved after leaving the pods, due to a conversation between him and Micah, who was his first romantic connection.  

That was not the only couple who experienced challenges in their relationship. Before Zach and Bliss became an official couple, Zach initially proposed to Irina while in the pods, but the two ended their relationship while on their honeymoon. During the reunion, Irina took full responsibility for being unkind toward Zach. Although Zach and Irina broke up, Zach still gave love a chance and tried to pursue things with Bliss once he returned to Seattle.  

Tiffany and Brett instantly had a connection from the first episode, which is why I enjoyed witnessing their relationship develop. They became the couple fans admired watching as the two got to know each other throughout the show.  

Overall, I think the different relationships viewers got to witness this season showed the difficulties that often come with romance, such as couples not necessarily seeing eye-to-eye with each other or their family members. Again, experiencing differences in relationships and trying to work through them with communication and effort helps to see if it’s worth it.  

If romantic reality shows are your favorite, I suggest checking out “Love Is Blind.” It has a different spin compared to other reality shows that have aired, which is what makes it stand out.  


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