Roundtable: Favorite Fall Beverages 

Round table discusses their favorite Fall beverages. Illustration by Rachel Zimmerman/The Daily Campus

As the temperature outside begins to cool and people are slipping into their cozy fall sweaters, the world’s menus are slowly turning towards the autumn theme. We’ve already done an overview of fall-themed dishes you can cook for yourself, but now the Life section has some beverage suggestions to accompany your meals. Let’s see what they have to say! 

Patrick Boots, CC 

Since autumn is the best season, there are so many great drinks to choose from! Apple cider is by far my favorite fall beverage. 

Connecticut is known for its beautiful fall amenities, and growing apples is no exception. Some of the world’s best orchards are right here, so I’ve been spoiled for many years with great apples, ciders and pies (oh my). Now it’s your chance — just imagine yourself curled up with a good book, and as you look outside the window the colors become warmer while the air turns ever so cooler… and in your hand is a nice glass of apple cider. 

Wouldn’t that be nice? 

As the air starts to get colder, many enjoy hot spiced apple cider. They even make versions you can pop into the coffee maker now. No matter the conditions, there’s apple cider for you! 

Karla Perez, ALE 

Since I was a little girl, I have associated two prominent memories with the fall season: Going apple picking with my family and my mom buying an exorbitant amount of apple cider. 

The apple orchard I grew up going to had a market attached with an abundance of apple products. It sold — hands down — the best apple cider I’ve ever had. The distinguishable taste, along with the cozy memories I’ve associated with it, make apple cider my favorite fall drink. This beverage can be served either hot or cold, adding a touch of versatility to it. The apple flavor is present without being overpowering to where it mimics apple juice, so you can pair it with your favorite baked apple goods without feeling an apple overload. 

Apple cider can be a fall staple as well as a good transitional beverage going into winter festivities. You can soak up the last few days of warmth with a tall, cold glass, and then make the switch to a warm mug as the weather begins to chill. For those of you who consider yourselves to have a more fancy taste, apple cider also comes as a sparkling beverage. Personally, I don’t see how you could go wrong with this drink! 

Tianyue Zhang, CC 

When I think of Fall, I think of yellowish leaves, puffy hoodies and hot bubble tea.  

Making bubble tea is always a healing time for me and it makes my autumn more brownish. To hear the purring sound from the pot is such a relieving thing to do! You may wonder why the “purring sound” is involved in the process. Well, the first step of making bubble tea is to gently simmer white sugar with tea leaves until it achieves a caramel hue, with viscous bubbles emerging. Then stir in just the right amount of water to achieve a harmonious blend. Next, pour in a skimmed milk and bring the mixture to a boil. Don’t forget to filter out the tea leaves before adding the bubbles in. 

To be honest, does anyone smell something? 

As the steam wafts up, carrying the rich aroma of the caramelized sugar and the subtle fragrance of the tea, it’s as if the very essence of autumn is captured in that cup. The warmth of the drink contrasts with the crisp fall air outside, reminding me of the cozy moments that this season brings. Taking a sip, the soft bubbles playfully dance on my tongue, a juxtaposition to the slightly bitter yet sweet liquid. The sweet scent, combined with the serenity of the season, feels like a gentle hug for the soul. The world seems to slow down, and all that remains is the comforting embrace of my favorite autumn drink. 

Henry St. Pierre, CC 

While I’m not particularly against any other fall drink mentioned here, if the choice is presented to me, I’d choose tea. 

I can already hear your screams—isn’t tea a year-round beverage? 

Well, yes, it is. Unlike other drinks mentioned, tea never goes out of season and is enjoyed at all times of the year. Personally, I find the best time to drink tea is during the fall. Cold weather, but not freezing; perfect for light sweaters, and a hot, light drink like tea. Apple cider may be the quintessential fall drink for all the autumn-lovers out there (and I enjoy a nice warm mug of apple cider as well), but I prefer the variety of flavors and ways to drink tea. You can have tea hot, with ice, with sugar, with milk, in a house, with a mouse, here, there and everywhere. 

As for flavors, pumpkin and apple tea are my go-tos. Now, I’ll still drink just about any tea, but if I’m really in the fall mood, apple tea with a little bit of honey is a feeling that really can’t be beat. Perfect for watching the leaves change, and rewatching every Charlie Brown special for the thousandth time. 

Benjamin Lassy, LE 

Even though we are supposed to be writing about our favorite fall drinks, let me begin with this: Pumpkin spice does not belong in drinks. There, I said it. 

To be clear, I don’t have anything against those who enjoy these beverages; I just personally think that pumpkins should stay out of my cup. Keep them in the pumpkin patch please. 

So, the best alternative to pumpkin spice? Apple cider. The other writers in this roundtable have already made an incredible defense of the drink, but it is worth mentioning some unique apple cider tips: 

First off, you can make apple cider tea at home using black tea and apple cider as a base. There’s a great-sounding recipe using this strategy from Running to the Kitchen online if you’re curious. While I personally haven’t tried it yet, I’m certainly hoping this will become my go-to beverage this fall. 

Secondly, pure organic apple cider is leagues ahead of the brands found in major stores. If you’re local to the eastern Connecticut area, Hogan’s Cider Mill in Burlington provides an immaculate cider — produced with their very own apples. Having gone there since I was little, I can confirm that you won’t be disappointed. Check out their apple cider donuts too — at least if there’s any left! 

And all anti-pumpkin spice jokes aside, hopefully this fall you can find something to elevate your beverage consumption; I know I’ll be downing way too much apple cider! 

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