Buckley Dining Hall to close in fall 2024 

A photo of Buckley Dining Hall during lunch time on Oct. 3, 2023. Buckley Dining Hall will be closing in fall 2024. Photo by Luisa Massasso/The Daily Campus

The University of Connecticut plans to close Buckley Dining Hall once the new South dining facility opens in fall 2024. 

The new South residence and dining complex, located next to South campus, is currently under construction and plans to open to students next fall. Stephanie Reitz, university spokesperson, said the new dining hall will be larger in size and have more amenities and features compared to Buckley Dining Hall. 

“Buckley Hall has 250 seats and a single serving line, while the new dining hall will have 500 seats and more modern amenities and serving processes, including a larger variety of foods with multiple meal stations, a juice bar, a smoker for meats and other features,” Reitz said. 

Buckley Dining Hall is located across the street from the music building and next to Downtown Storrs. Currently, it is open Monday through Friday and is closed on the weekends. 

Buckley Dining Hall is built into the Buckley Residence Hall and primarily serves them and the neighboring Shippee Hall, which is primarily a living area for first year students in the Honors Program. Now, those students will have to walk to the new dining hall. 

“While we recognize that Buckley/Shippee residents enjoy the convenience of having a dining facility in the complex, the new dining hall is nearby and will provide significantly more options along with access and convenience,” Reitz said. 

Reitz emphasized there are additional options where Buckley and Shippee students can eat nearby. 

“Students will also be able to continue to go to Whitney Dining, use Husky Bucks at nearby Downtown Storrs locations and visit other dining halls that best fit their schedules as they are on campus throughout the day,” Reitz said. 

Michael White, the executive director of dining services, said more information will be given next semester about replacing Buckley with the new dining hall. 

“We will take some time next semester to host in-person meetings with students and student leaders at both Shippee and Buckley to review the new dining hall and update everyone on the timelines for both locations,” White said. 

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