UConn Law School Fair and why you should have been there 

The law school fair was a great way for future law students to meet up with law schools and get more information. Photo by Sora Shimazaki/Pexels.

To all the pre-law students who are probably losing their minds right now trying to fulfill the number of assignments, clubs and organizations necessary to compose a killer resume for law school: please take two minutes to hear about yesterday’s Law School Fair. The Student Union Ballroom was packed with representatives from some of the best law schools in the country, including Yale University, Boston College, Boston University and more. Lines of enthusiastic students gathered at each table, all of them ready to ask questions about the application process and hear about the amazing programs and internships the school of their dreams has to offer. 

There were a total of 39 law schools participating in the event, all of which sent admissions representatives, brochures, leaflets, cards and interactive QR codes, helping Huskies who wish to someday bleed blue in courts all across the United States. 

The admissions officers and alumni who came to promote their schools were not the only ones who came prepared; various students determinedly dropped their resumes and networked to get their names on the table. Well done Huskies! 

The event’s environment was a balanced combination of professional and conversational auras. Although there were visibly many nervous faces at the beginning, most students left with big smiles of fulfillment. Overall, the afternoon was a success. Hopefully, some Huskies can expect to get an admission letter soon, thanks to the amazing University of Connecticut staff who arranged the fair. 

Now, moving more toward a fashionable angle, it should be mentioned that even though there was no specific dress code for the event, everyone who attended clearly understood the assignment. A sea of tailored trousers, blazers and button-up shirts filled the room, with students hitting the mark of at least business casual. People say “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have,” and there was no better occasion to have taken this quote more literally than at the law school fair. Keep up the good work UConn students! 

If any future lawyer or judge missed the event because they were too busy studying for the LSAT (an extremely valid excuse), do not panic! UConn staff is always working on ways to improve the opportunities offered on campus. Stay tuned and start preparing your resume because the next event could be right around the corner. Your fellow pre-law students will be excited to join you! 

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