Cirque De Light: Welcome to the circus 


As part of Homecoming Week, the Student Union Board of Governors, aka SUBGOG, hosted Cirque De Light, a New England-based traveling circus on Tuesday, Oct. 17. The event opened its doors at Jorgensen at 7:15 p.m., and early attendees had the chance to spin a wheel for an exclusive crewneck or t-shirt. Fortunately, I was among the lucky ones to get the exclusive crewneck, which, despite being a bit oversized, is incredibly cozy and high-quality. 

Before the main show started, passerbys were able to get a taste of what to expect as a fire performer showcased his skills just outside the main entrance of Jorgensen. His astounding tricks left everyone in awe. He mesmerized the audience as he worked with a baton that was ignited on both ends,  balancing it perilously close to his body. One particularly astonishing feat involved him pouring gasoline into his mouth and then exhaling fire. 

Prior to the first act, we were introduced to the ringmaster, who appeared mysteriously amidst the audience as a spotlight shone on him, setting the tone for an exciting and enjoyable performance. 

The opening act of the night was an aerialist, a performer of incredible strength, who exuded a series of gravity-defying tricks. Her ability to gracefully move along the aerial silk and transition seamlessly between challenging poses left the audience spellbound. 

Following her act was a hand balancer, who also showcased remarkable strength while gracefully positioning herself on rods anchored to the floor. 

Next came a hooper, who added an extra layer of visual appeal to her performance with LED-lit hoops. She demonstrated her strength and coordination by spinning multiple hoops around her body, ultimately adding up to four at once, as well as one on each hand and foot. For me, this act definitely stuck out the most because of the LED hoops. 

The theme of hoop acts continued with a male performer encased in a giant spinning hoop. This act, with its dizzying display of skill and endurance, proved to be a crowd favorite.  

After the hoop acts, a juggler took the stage, initially juggling multiple balls and then elevating the act by juggling pins. This raised the level of excitement exponentially. 

The following act was a lyre duo, where a single hoop constantly spun and two performers artfully positoned themselves within and on top of it. The synchronized movements of the duo added an artistic flare to the act. 

After the duo, next act was an LED show. This act featured a performer wielding two LED light sticks, which she spun and posed with. At times, the spinning sticks created shapes and images, such as hearts and a circus tent, enhancing the visual impact of the act. 

The final act of the night was a dance duet. The couple’s dance routine included breathtaking positions that demanded immense strength and balance from both dancers. For instance, at one point the man carried his partner on his shoulder while she balanced on one foot, showcasing the extraordinary level of trust and skill between the performers. 

Overall, Cirque De Light was a wonderful way to end a busy day of classes. Each new act left the audience in awe and bewilderment. It was regrettable that not many people attended, for the performers deserved a full house. Nevertheless, the dedication of the performers came through as they delivered an exceptional performance. 

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