UConn continuously places high across several national rankings 

UConn campus on a spring day from a bird’s eye view. UConn’s ranking in several popular online lists has been consistently high over the last year for both rankings with any university and rankings with specifically state universities. Photo by Jordan Arnold/The Daily Campus.

The University of Connecticut has placed highly in several rankings throughout the last year. 

Most notably, UConn was ranked No. 46 in the country for overall best university by The Wall Street Journal. That ranking included any public or private university across the nation. 

In the U.S. News & World Report, UConn ranked as the 58th best university in the nation. This marked a nine spot jump since last year. Additionally, UConn kept its spot at No. 26 in the nation out of public universities. 

UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz shared how high rankings and attention in the media benefits the university.  

“Being highly ranked by several sources, all independent of the university and each other, is an affirmation that UConn continues to move in the right direction in providing a high-quality education at a strong value,” Reitz said.  

The U.S. News & World Report placed UConn’s undergraduate nursing, psychology and business programs in the top 50 overall nationally, a UConn Today article said.  

“UConn wants all students to develop skills in creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and emotional intelligence as they move along their academic path here,” Reitz said.  

Some additional impressive statistics UConn snagged was having a 93% retention rate of first-year students, a UConn Today article said. Additionally, 84% of students earn their undergraduate degrees within six years or less. This was compared to the national average for public universities of 63%. 

Reitz highlighted how although rankings are not everything, the university does pride itself on what makes UConn a notable university. 

“Although we know that a ranking can’t capture every aspect of any institution, the factors that go into these rankings are critical to success, such as student retention and on-time graduation, affordability, strength of the faculty and others,” Reitz said.

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