USG’s HuskyPrint initiative gifts students $15 of free printing 

A print station located on level 1 of the Homer Babbidge Library on Oct. 25, 2023. There are several print stations located around campus. Photo by Kaitie Wihbey/The Daily Campus.

All undergraduate, fee-paying students at the University of Connecticut have received $15 of free printing for the school year through their Wepa accounts.  

The gift comes from USG’s HuskyPrint initiative, a project of the Undergraduate Student Government Academic Affairs Committee created in 2022. The AAC sees the project as a way to expand education accessibility and meet the needs of students under financial constraints who may not be able to afford printing services on campus. 

“The Academic Affairs Committee of USG pushes through this initiative through semester after semester because we believe it is important for students have access to free printing,” stated Kamara Nyahuma, the Director of Academic Affairs at USG, in a press release. “The Undergraduate Student Government will continue to support students in their academic journeys, address other concerns of the undergraduate student body, and learn from students how we can improve their academic experience. 

Wepa print stations are located throughout campus, including five in the Homer Babbidge Library with most located on Level 1 of the building, and one each in the Wilbur Cross Building, Student Union, Wilfred B. Young Building and Lawrence D. McHugh Hall.  

Students can access their printing accounts and upload documents online at following a separate login process through UConn’s Single Sign On system. Students can also link their Wepa accounts to cloud storage sites such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, allowing them to access and print files all at the printing station itself. 

Printing a single-sided sheet of black and white paper, according to the Information Technology UConn Knowledge Base, costs $0.08, while a double-sided sheet costs $0.15. For color printing, the price increases by more than four times to $0.35 for a single-sided sheet and $0.68 for a double-sided option. The free printing gift provided through HuskyPrint is enough to print 42 sheets of colored paper or 187 sheets of black and white paper.  

According to Wepa’s balance details, the gift, marked as “Storrs 2023-2024” in the database, is set to expire on May 18, 2024 at the conclusion of the spring semester. 

USG receives funding from the student body through the “Activity Fee” charge listed on the undergraduate fee bill. According to the UConn Office of the Bursar, the share of the Activity Fee allocated to USG for Academic Year 2023-2024 was $45 out of the total $96. 


  1. Bruh are you actually serious? Thanks but why let it expire by the spring semester instead of letting it sit in our accounts???? Or even better, let me extract this credit so I can buy mooyah’s!!!!!!11!!!!!1

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