Togetherall: A peer-to-peer mental health support community 

While social media can certainly be a negative influence on mental health, it can also be a useful resource for sharing our experiences. Togetherall is an anonymous, online peer-to-peer support network that launched at the University of Connecticut on Sept. 18, 2023, and is free to UConn students. Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Togetherall is an anonymous, online peer-to-peer support network that launched at the University of Connecticut on Sept. 18, 2023, and is free to UConn students. 

Kristina Stevens, director of mental health for Student Health and Wellness (SHAW), said through an email interview, “Support matters and we know the positive impact peer-to-peer support provides. Togetherall adds a safe and accessible tool to our students’ toolbox. It provides a forum for students to reach out for support as well as to contribute to this community as well. [Togetherall] provides students access to a supportive community on issues that are important to them.”  

Togetherall allows students to share their thoughts by posting “bricks,” they’re posts that express feelings though artwork as opposed to using words. Students can also share their emotions through text-based posts or “talkabouts” that are available on the Community tab of the platform. Besides just sharing what is on their mind, students also can read the posts made by others that may be experiencing something similar to them. Students can also keep track of their feelings in a journal, set personal goals and understand what they are feeling — all steps to tracking their emotional progress. Togetherall also offers online courses where students can communicate with others and share advice. To access the tools of Togetherall, students must create an account where the site will generate a username, securing the anonymity of the user. 

Stevens said SHaW has been intentional in making care and support as accessible as possible. Togetherall connects students to a network that includes students from around the world at higher education institutions facing similar challenges. According to Stevens, 27 students joined the platform in the first eight days. 

Togetherall also offers articles on a range of topics specific to mental health and well-being and students can choose what is of interest to them. These articles can be accessed easily and do not require an account. To read articles surrounding mental health and find more information, head to the Togetherall website.  

Lilith Rampertab, a first-semester student double majoring in psychology and history, recently signed up for Togetherall. She said via a text interview, “Mental health is something I’ve always been an advocate of. It’s a free resource geared to alleviate some of the negativity that you feel and to find some solace in people who have advice or reciprocate the feelings you feel. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a system like Togertherall.” She added that she had been through mental health struggles and wishes to give support to those who need it. 

Togetherall is monitored by licensed and registered mental health practitioners to ensure the safety and anonymity of all members. Stevens said that a robust model of clinical moderation was important to ensure a responsive and safe environment, as well as to provide a safety net if additional support is needed. 

According to the UConn Student Health and Wellness website “more than 80 percent of UConn students indicated that their mental health had negatively impacted their academic performance.” Support systems such as Togetherall are necessary tools to allow students to voice their concerns and whatever may be occupying their minds.  

Students can register for Togetherall here or can access the site in the “Institution Page” of HuskyCT. 

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