A University of Connecticut professor has been nominated for a Grammy


Kenneth Fuchs is a professor of music composition in UConn’s school of fine arts music department. 

Fuchs, who has both won and been nominated for Grammy awards in the past, is nominated in this year’s producer of the year for classical music Grammy category. 

He explained to the Daily Campus his contribution to the work that has been nominated. 

“Voting members of the Academy nominated audio producer Brian Pidgeon for his work on nine albums this year, including Cloud Slant. I served as executive producer of the album, making me a contender for recognition by the Recording Academy,” Fuchs said. 

Fuchs further explained that he composed the entirety of the music for Cloud Slant and collaborated in developing the project over four years. Additionally, Fuchs participated in raising $125,000 that was needed to create the final project that is now up for nomination. 

In 2019, Fuchs won the Grammy for the best classical compendium. In other words he explained, the best classical album of the year. The album, “Piano Concerto, ‘Spiritualist’/Poems of Life/Glacier/Rush,” was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra for Naxos Records, two organizations which have aided Fuchs’ career. 

“Between 2003 through 2017, the London Symphony Orchestra recorded five albums of my orchestral music, all released by Naxos Records,” Fuchs said. 

Fuchs was able to attend the Grammy awards for his 2019 win alongside JoAnn Falletta, who was responsible for conducting Fuchs’ five albums with the London Symphony Orchestra. 

“We were classmates at The Juilliard School and have remained dear friends for forty years,” Fuchs said. 

Cloud Saint was released this past July and received its Grammy nomination just six days ago. 

“Several hundred classical music recordings were submitted by record labels in both the United States and Europe to the Recording Academy for Grammy Award consideration in the classical field.” Fuchs said. “I was following the announcement, as I have been deeply involved in developing and promoting my Grammy campaign for several months.” 

Fuchs shared what it has meant to have both won and been nominated for prestigious awards, like a Grammy, after spending countless hours working and promoting his compositions.  

“It takes intense discipline to be a professional composer. This discipline extends beyond writing music on a regular basis to entrepreneurship, promoting your music through publication, personal appearances and online media,” Fuchs said. “There are many gifted and well-trained classical composers and we all aspire to similar goals.” 

After being appointed and serving as the head of UConn’s music department in 2005, Fuchs returned to being a faculty professor for the department. 

“I am deeply grateful for the wonderful faculty colleagues that I work with to teach and support our exceptionally talented students. I always tell our students that faculty members see ourselves in you,” Fuchs said.  

As for what’s next, beyond a possible Grammy win, Fuchs is working on the second volume to one of his previous compositions that is scheduled to be released in June of 2024.  

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