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Friday, September 18, 2020

Black Lives Matter and hollow American pragmatism

Today the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement continues a nearly six-month-long vicious struggle against a country interwoven with white-supremacy and bent against change.

The Urgent Need for Education Reform

As the Black Lives Matter movement sweeps across the nation, it draws attention to the systemic racism that Black people uniquely face. Unfortunately, this systemic oppression starts early, with the public education system. Inequity in the public education system is perpetuated by inadequate federal initiatives that blanket the nation with requirements that do not address local issues. While the goal of educational reformation movements like No Child Left Behind and the Common Core has been to close the achievement gap between white and marginalized children, they have actually increased it.

Speak Now: The devastating consequences of White privilege

All around the country, people have been protesting against systemic racism. Systemic racism and White privilege must be acknowledged, and society must be radically changed so that everyone, regardless of skin color, is treated equally.

Let this moment radicalize you

From Minneapolis to Louisville to Kenosha, America has been in open revolt for three months. Led by Black organizers and driven by hundreds of years of state-sanctioned violence, the pain and suffering of Black Americans has once again been etched into the urban fabric.

Defund UConn Police; Invest in the community

The 1960s were a tumultuous time on college campuses across the United States. Students staged marches, sit-ins and occupations in the midst of the anti-war, black liberation, feminist and environmental movements. In response, colleges across the country lobbied legislatures to create their own police forces, which would explicitly be used as weapons of social control — not public safety, as they now claim.

Consider Your Whiteness AND Your Wealth if You Support BLM

George Floyd’s murder has ignited such outrage across the country, and the world, that it is imperative we remember this is a weekly occurrence for Black America. And while Floyd’s murder was simply the latest in a long line of gross injustices, the fact is that one, terrible, viral video can often spark a movement.

Not reform. Abolition.

On June first, thousands of residents of Worcester Massachusetts poured into the common before the town hall. Perhaps the largest of the demonstrations the city has seen thus far, this body would march to the courthouse and back, spending a few hours chanting and listening to speeches attempting to make sense of the murder of George Floyd and innumerable other black men, women and nonbinary people by police over decades.