Letter to the Editor: Student backlash following March for Justice, Empowerment and Solidarity


Our march, which included student protesters walking and chanting through the first floor of the library, was a peaceful demonstration. Any accounts that say otherwise are blatant and disrespectful lies meant to distract us from the conversation that needs to happen on this campus.

Yesterday, we stood in solidarity with other college campuses across the nation that are fighting back against the silence that exists on our campuses when it comes to addressing issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and all other forms of oppression. We stood in solidarity with our own campus which has seen several incidents like these in the past year.

There are those who are trying to distract our campus community from this important conversation which can be seen in the appearance of racist Yik Yaks that were posted throughout the day in response to our events. Those individuals who would anonymously make racist statements only reinforce our resolve behind why we felt the need to organize these events in the beginning.

Those Yik Yaks show that we do not have a safe, inclusive and understanding environment to live, learn and work in at UConn. We will continue to speak out against this ignorance and these injustices until we are able to exist on campus without being intimidated, harassed or silenced for daring to stand up for what we know is right.

In Solidarity,

We, the Organizers:

Charity Whitehead – 7th semester senior, Africana studies and psychology double major

Julian Rose – 7th semester senior, biomedical engineering major

Varun Khattar – 7th Semester senior, sociology major

Haddiyyah Ali – 3rd semester sophomore, Africana studies and political science double major, women’s, gender, and sexuality studies minor

Nicole Simonsen – 7th semester senior, women’s, gender, and sexuality Studies major

Genesis Quiles-Galarza – 9th semester senior, chemical engineering and German studies (EUROTECH) double major

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