Comedian Dan Ahdoot entertains with raunchy, interactive performance


Comedian Dan Ahdoot during his show in the Student Union Theater in Storrs, Connecticut on Thursday, April 7, 2016. (Zhelun Lang/The Daily Campus)

Everything from race to class and celebrity stories were fair game for comedian Dan Ahdoot on Thursday evening. He included jokes about his career, Storrs and the ethnicities of the audience members.

Ahdoot began his show by joking about his lateness.

“This is what sucks about my job. If you’re late, everyone knows it,” Ahdoot said. 

Ahdoot then transitioned to a series of jokes about his ethnicity and that of the audience. He joked that his ethnicity changed with the political situation of the world, in particular after 9/11.

“I was Iranian for several years, until 9/11. After that, I became Mexican,” Ahdoot said, drawing laughs from the audience.

From there, Ahdoot transitioned to jokes about the honesty of black women and more jokes about his heritage, which included Judaism.

“I love black women, because they’re honest. Sometimes a little too honest,” Ahdoot added. “True story, a black woman came up to me, and she told me, ‘you look like an ugly Drake.’ That was unfortunate, because I always felt that Drake was always the ugly version of Drake.”

“My story gets better, as I’m not only an Iranian. I’m also Jewish. That’s right, I’m an Iranian Jew, I was conceived in Narnia,” Ahdoot said.

The highlights of the show came when Ahdoot interacted directly with the audience, asking them questions and bantering with them about leaving the theater to call their parents or go to the bathroom.

“You guys are a good, edgy crowd,” Ahdoot said. “Sometimes college students don’t like anti humor. It’s okay guys, we can say s— here.”

Other topics included Ahdoot’s favorite television shows and his attitudes about stem cell research, among other things.

“I love ‘Mythbusters’ because…they’ve run out of myths to bust, they’re just making s*** up at this point,” Ahdoot said. “This week’s myth: Are Mexicans immune to electricity? To test this, we need a car battery and Alejandro.”

“It’s fine if you don’t support stem cell research, but I kind of feel that if you’re against stem cell research, you shouldn’t be able to get the cures from stem cell research,” Ahdoot added.

After discovering that several of the audience members were from foreign countries, Ahdoot joked that the makeup of the audience was like the UN.

“The f—— United Nations came to my comedy show,” Ahdoot joked.

Life in Los Angeles was another favorite target for Ahdoot, as he hammered legal marijuana being sold by shady doctors at a store called “Russian Medical Clinic Medic.”

“I go to the lady behind the counter, who was hot, but she was immigrant hot if you know what I mean. Her body was great, but her teeth looked like a firecracker went off in her mouth,” Ahdoot said. 

Ahdoot’s greatest moment during the performance, however, was a rant against spin classes after spending time doing one such class in Los Angeles.

“If the Nazis had an aerobic exercise of choice, it would be spin class. I hate the instructors too. They’re like skinny meth fiends who just took some meth,” Ahdoot said. “They’re cartwheeling into the classroom, and you have to keep with that energy.”

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