Congratulations, graduating seniors!


From the staff at The Daily Campus to all of the graduating seniors, congratulations! (Jason Jiang/Daily Campus)

These past two semesters have been transformative for the Daily Campus. Our success is owed in large part to our graduating staff members and executive officers. The burgeoning Digital Department, led by Digital Editor, Jackson Mitchell, has allowed our paper to reach over a million page views for the 2015-16 year. Our Managing Editor, Matt Zabierek and Editor in Chief, Kayvon Ghoreshi, dramatically improved the Daily Campus’ breaking news capabilities, allowing for the publication of professional journalism with rapid turnaround.

Our Business Department, run by Business Manager, Natalie Hitt and Associate Business Manager, Jess Baicker, have worked tirelessly to complete the transition to a hybrid digital-print model for the paper, resulting in the growth of our digital and social media marketing and advertising. Their dedication has resulted in far improved integration and communication between the editorial and business aspects of the paper.

We also owe a large part of our success to our production and design staff, who often stay at our paper until the early hours of the morning. Combining the rigors of academia and a daily print paper is not an easy task; however, this class of graduating Daily Campus alumni have done so with enthusiasm and professionalism.

We would like to congratulate the graduating staff members of the Daily Campus, the writers, production and graphics staff, editors, business staff, and circulation staff. The paper is a truly collaborative effort, and one which requires dedication and commitment well beyond that which is typically asked of undergraduate students.

Working at the Daily Campus not only fosters talent and skill, but also allows for the development of close friendships within one of the closest-knit organizations in Storrs. The graduating class has provided the rest of the Daily Campus staff with an invaluable education in journalism, team work and ceaseless dedication. The transition to a new editorial and business executive team, and the recruitment of new staff offers an opportunity to expand upon the foundation built by this graduating class. We would like to extend our congratulations to the graduating members of the Daily Campus staff for their hard work and achievements, as well as to all the graduates of the University of Connecticut’s Class of 2016! 

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