It’s time to get over college football. Here’s why.


UConn head coach Bob Diaco leads his team out of the tunnel in their season opener against Maine at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field. (Jackson Haigis/The Daily Campus)

I promise this is not a hot take. I’m not trying to stir the pot. I just have to be honest.

I don’t care about college football.

But why? The NFL is must-watch every Sunday, I play fantasy football every year (came in second last year, shout out to the Raging Romosexuals!) and I definitely used to love the college game.

The Matt Leinart-Reggie Bush-Pete Carroll USC teams were electric and Brady Quinn’s Notre Dame squad was a worthy adversary. Vince Young’s epic performance in the 2006 Rose Bowl is seared into my brain and my passionate, full-throated defending of Tim Tebow was born when he completed his jump pass.

Where did this all change? Why doesn’t the college game resonate with me anymore?

A little has to do with the soullessness of Nick Saban’s Alabama and Urban Meyer’s Ohio State, some has to do with the gross misconduct of programs like Penn State, Baylor and Florida State and a lot has to do with the bone-deep corruption of the NCAA.

Yet, I can probably chalk the majority of my apathy for fall Saturdays up to my enrollment at the University of Connecticut.

Had I gone to Wisconsin or Georgia or Oregon, I have no doubts I’d be in love with college football. The pomp and circumstance, the crowds, the spectacle; it’s intoxicating.

But I didn’t. I chose UConn. So, my developing biases against the sport only intensified.

It’s sacrilege for someone on UConn Twitter to admit it, but I’m going to speak truth to power. UConn football is a joke.

This is a basketball school. Has been for 35 consecutive years and will be for the foreseeable future. The men’s and women’s programs move the needle.

The football program has time and time again failed to provide a life raft when it comes to conference realignment. With the Big 12 flirting with new members, the football program’s failures serve as UConn’s ultimate scarlet letter.

No one is delusional enough to believe that dropping football is a good idea in any possible universe. But to pretend that a 6-7 record and a passionate (that’s a kind word for it) head coach is enough to get UConn a seat at the big kid’s table is folly.

But understand from a joy standpoint, from an energy standpoint, in my world, my vision, my mission, my vocare, is about developing these young men and being sure that they understand that there wasn’t one single person on this planet born a loser. Not one. Everyone was born a winner. What baby, what child is a loser?
— Bob Diaco, king of quotes

Bob Diaco is many things. He possesses the finest head of hair in the tri-state area. He is a connoisseur of presidential recipes and “fishcake.” He’s an unrelenting quote machine and a football guy through and through.

He has the potential to turn the program around and has shown the signs. That should terrify UConn fans. As soon as the program shows real promise, a real football power will poach Diaco and let him step into the national spotlight.

UConn will become a stepping stone school, where a coach comes for a short term to punch up his resume only to move to bigger program.

Ultimately, football runs the show at any school with hopes of a successful athletic department. It’s imperative to be a success on Saturdays if the school wants to thrive. I truly hope UConn football evolves into a regional power. It’s just good business.

I’m just not going to enjoy the ride.

Elan-Paolo DeCarlo is the associate digital editor for The Daily Campus, covering men’s basketball. He can be reached via email at He tweets @ElanDeCarlo

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