2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show flaunts international fame and fashion


Swedish model Elsa Hosk displays a creation during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show inside the Grand Palais, in Paris, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. (AP Photo)

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place in Paris but had a global vibe. Yet the true focus of the hour-long broadcast was the celebrity of the models, or the Angels.

In between collections, the Angels were interviewed in lingerie and blazers about how exciting it is to be a model honorably chosen by the Victoria’s Secret empire.

With a mixture of legends like Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima with younger stars like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, the gorgeous women reminisced about how the Angel label brings more than fortune: extreme and incomparable fame.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio displays a creation during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show inside the Grand Palais, in Paris, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. (AP Photo)

New Angel Josephine Skriver recalled her ascension to heaven, quoted saying “Imagine going to bed, being, like a regular model, and one day you wake up and you’re an angel.”

Deemed ‘least relatable’ by Elite Daily, I definitely agree.

Of course your fame and followers will boost like crazy especially with a posse of the hottest women in modeling today.

There was even an active wear advertisement between collections with the angle of working for the bodies we all envy, but even their words of encouragement seemed false since they are paid millions to work out and go into ‘beast mode’ two months before the fashion show.

Fifty-nine angels of various origins, skin types and hair styles – but the same bombshell bikini body – strut down the runway during the most expensive fashion show ever, according to Glamour.

The show’s annual fantasy bra was valued at $3 million and Skriver’s own set of wings weighed 10 pounds due to 450,000 Swarovski crystals, according to Elite Daily.

The list of reasons why mere mortals cannot relate to these Angels just keeps getting longer, so moving past the models takes us to the supposed main component of the show, the fashion.

2017 Collection

The outfits are always scant but this year’s cultural focus reminds viewers of college-age inappropriate Halloween costumes.

Model Jasmine Tookes displays a $3 million Fantasy Bra during Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (AP Photo)

The brassieres and thongs were classy and luxurious as always but the overlaid clothing seemed too culturally stereotypical.

The other prominent element of the 2017 collection was the sky-high boots, or should I say thigh-highs.

Reminiscent of gartered stockings, many of the Angels boots extended far up past their knees onto their thin thighs, almost like a striking pair of pants.

The show began with projections of Asian style lanterns and outfits incorporating accordion-styled fabric and kite tail trims reminiscent of the Chinese New Year celebration.

One model was even wearing a wrap-around dragon.

Then as the pom-poms transitioned into feathers the vibe turned distinctly South American with Aztec patterns projected and Carnival-style feathers for wings.

Other garments resembled the flowing embroidered fabrics of mountain pueblos with embellished cuffs over the line’s lingerie.

Next came northern Europe with floral lederhosen with bright suspenders and instead of wings, the Angels wore feather plumes and flower bunches.


This year’s Pink collection was very sporty yet very femme as well.

Sheer sweats and cropped hoodies paired with thick-banded sports bras and boy shorts came down the runway one after the other with plenty of the color pink too.

Angels wore large hoop earrings and platform sneaker heels with huge pink bows, knapsacks and the signature Pink dog mascot.

Swedish model Elsa Hosk displays creation at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show inside the Grand Palais, in Paris, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. (AP Photo)

The black collection was luxe with the largest pair of wings ever and the iconic lace lingerie upon which Victoria’s Secret has built its brand.

Another segment featuring patent trenchcoats and transparent jackets was a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Finally the Angels came out to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic with costumes feeling very flashy, with lots of crystals and flash, somewhat like a mix between Vegas showgirl and Olympic ice skater.

All outfits are a long way from the slips and cardigans of Victoria’s Secret’s first show in 1995 as described in Business Insider’s history of the fashion show.

Musical Guests

Lady Gaga was the first artist to take the stage in a sheer rose-patterned black gown and a very emotional ballad.

Bruno Mars came out next in a Macklemore-style fur coat and trademark afro, singing ‘Chunky,’ an ‘ode to curvy women’ alongside the most envied women in the world, according to Cosmopolitan.

Then the Weeknd, also known as Angel Bella Hadid’s ex, came on and sang his hit single ‘Starboy’ while reaching around to all the beautiful women like a kid in a candy store.

Gaga came on again with an original melody praising John Wayne with a fringed cowboy hat and later a white leather jacket with Western fringe and show-stopping wings of her own.

Mars finished the show with 24K Magic and a sleek black tux and golden mirrored sunglasses as the last Angels took the stage and the cast took a ‘Class of 2016’ photo backstage.

Models display a creation during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show inside the Grand Palais, in Paris, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. The pulse-quickening, celebrity-filled catwalk event of the year : the Victoria’s Secret fashion show takes place in Paris with performances from Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. (AP Photo)

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