Luncheon talk with award-winning journalist and veteran storyteller


The Veterans Affairs and Military Programs is offering a luncheon on Feb. 27 to complement the Dodd Center’s gallery featuring veterans and different perspectives on war.  (Photo courtesy of the Veterans Affairs and Military Programs Office) 

All students are invited to attend a luncheon with award winning journalist David Wood and internet radio program host Joe Brett on Monday Feb. 27 at 12:00 in the Arjona building.

Wood and Brett will speak with students about the experiences of those directly impacted by war.

Lunch will be provided by the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. The luncheon is a joint effort between the Veterans Affairs and Military Programs office, the Dodd Center and Jordan Kiper, a UConn graduate student in anthropology.

Kiper is organizing a talk on the night of that same evening at the Dodd Center, but the presenters, Wood and Brett, also wanted to meet with veterans on campus in a more informal setting, Alyssa Kelleher, director of the Office of Veterans Affairs and Military Programs said.

Kiper has done a lot of work with reconciliation for veterans of the Yugoslav Wars, Kelleher said.

The Dodd Center is currently displaying photographs by Robin Albarano in an exhibit titled, “Recovery and Reconciliation After the Yugoslav Wars: A Study in Portraits and Legacies of Those Who Now Fight for Peace.”

The Center has also displayed a gallery titled, “A Legacy of Veteran Expressions after War: Every Veteran’s Life Tells a Story and Every Veteran Leaves a Legacy” since the beginning of the year.

Wood won the Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for reporting a series on American troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brett is vice president of the Veterans Heritage Project, an organization committed to connecting students with veterans to record and preserve the stories of war. He also co-hosts the radio program, Front and Center USA, which focuses on national security and US Foreign Policy.

The event will be held in Arjona Room 339. For more information see

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