Education Abroad 101: Where to start


The programs offered by Education Abroad can also give students a deeper, more global understanding of their majors. (Photo courtesy of Shona Barton-Negreiros

For many students, studying abroad is a vital part of the college experience. Being able to travel around the world while getting college credits and invaluable knowledge is sure to satisfy even the most powerful sensations of wanderlust. UConn’s Education Abroad office offers a wide array of approved programs around the world for just about any major.

For those interested in studying abroad during their time here at UConn, a good place to start would be to attend an Education Abroad 101 session, which begin on September 5 and continue to run every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 pm throughout the semester.

In Education Abroad 101, advisors will give you helpful advice on planning your abroad experience. The Education Abroad website also features an online Education Abroad 101 for students who cannot make it to the in person event.

Another valuable resource for those interested in studying abroad is the Education Abroad website. On the Education Abroad website, prospective students can browse programs that stretch far across the world. Prospective students can also use the website as a tool to gauge their eligibility for studying abroad. Additionally, the Education Abroad website can give prospective students information on the application process and an incredibly helpful FAQ section.

The Education Abroad website makes sure to stress the pros of studying abroad.

According to the online Education Abroad 101, the benefits of studying abroad follow students after they graduate from college, stating “97% of study abroad students found employment within 12 months of graduation, compared to 49% of other students in the same period.”

The programs offered by Education Abroad can also give students a deeper, more global understanding of their majors. Seventh semester human rights and communication major, Shona Barton-Negreiros, recently finished studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. As a human rights major, UConn’s Cape Town program seemed like the perfect fit for Shona. “I was able to interact with men, women, and children of all ages that have been shaped by the country’s history” said Shona. “South Africa was under the Apartheid government up until the early to mid-90’s, so the effects and experiences of that time period are still very apparent and relevant.”

For those worried about the financial cost of studying abroad, there are scholarships and financial aid available to students, according to the Education Abroad website.

You really do not have this opportunity after college, not in this way
— Shona Barton-Negreiros

Barton-Negreiros recommends that any student that has the ability to study abroad to take advantage of this opportunity while they can “You really do not have this opportunity after college, not in this way. Being part of a representative body for the U.S and spending time with some amazing peers is a once in a lifetime experience.” Said Barton-Negreiros.

With deadlines for the spring 2018 semester fast approaching, students who are interested in studying abroad should take full advantage of the resources provided by the Education Abroad Office.  

“Everyone can be accommodated, you just have to start asking questions. Go explore the world! You’ll be amazed at what you learn and see.” Said Barton-Negreiros.

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