Letter to the Editor: Dining Services promotes unhealthy habits with weekend dining hours


Dear Editor,

I should not have to venture to South campus to eat breakfast on weekends. The university’s limited weekend-dining options promote unhealthy sleeping habits and are not conducive to a good work ethic. 

Absent South, the dining halls do not serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, they offer a late morning brunch (with most dining halls open at 10:30). So, if you like to eat breakfast soon after you wake up like I do, you are left with three options: fend for yourself, don’t eat or wake up later. 

The meal plan is expensive and having to supplement it is not a reasonable solution. And for students who enjoy an early start to their day, not eating breakfast is not a good option. In high school, my doctor told me that waking up at the same time every day was an important part of proper sleep hygiene. For example, waking up at similar times and eating at regular times can help prevent migraines. On weekends, it seems we’re encouraged to sleep in. 

I understand sleeping in–college can be tiring. Nevertheless, the university should be encouraging habits that promote good health and a dedication to learning. Sleeping in (or at the very least waking up at discrepant times) and good work ethic do not bode well together. 

We as students pay to learn, live and eat. The university needs to do a better job at reconciling these three tenets of campus life. If we live and eat better, we will learn better, too.

Akiva Rockland

UConn Class of 2021, Honors Business

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