Chuck and Augie’s now accepting points for lunch and takeout


Previously, the restaurant did not accept points until 3 p.m., when the restaurant begins serving its dinner menu. (Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Chuck and Augie’s restaurant in the Student Union will now be accepting points starting at 1 p.m.

“We’re very excited to have, finally, the kids come in during this time,” Chuck and Augie’s manager Jennifer Lyder said.  “(They’re) such a huge part of the university.” 

Previously, the restaurant did not accept points until 3 p.m., when the restaurant begins serving its dinner menu.

“We did get a lot of feedback from students that would like to experience our lunch menu, pop in after a class, have some lunch,” Lyder said.

Lyder said the restaurant is typically “packed” from around 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. with faculty members coming in for working lunches and Lyder said the restaurant has already been seeing traffic from students during lunch. Lyder said the restaurant looked at how to best incorporate students and faculty without overwhelming staff.

“We looked at the schedule, and having the students come in for 1 o’clock seemed to work in the parameters of lunch…and we’d be able to give (students) a hundred percent of our attention,” Lyder said.

Students will also be able to pay for takeout orders with their points.

Lyder said Dining Services made these changes based on responses to the student survey sent out at the end of last semester, as well as personal conversations with students.

“They want that. They want to be able to call…and use their points for a quick pick-up order,” Lyder said.

Students have not been allowed to use points for takeout previously, due to concerns it would overwhelm the kitchen staff during the dinner rush.

“It was just to alleviate the restaurant and the kitchen from just getting bombarded with (takeout orders),” Lyder said. “And not only that reason, but when students burn points at the end of the semester, that’s something that’s almost impossible to keep up with for a takeout situation.”

Lyder said Chuck and Augie’s will likely not accept points for takeout during the last two weeks of the semester for that reason.

Takeout orders made close to closing, 8 p.m., may not be accepted based on the discretion of the manager depending on how busy the restaurant is at the time, Lyder said.  

Lyder said the restaurant goes into overdrive to keep up with the influx of students who come in during “burn week,” or the last few weeks of the semester during which students typically try to “burn” through as many of their remaining points as possible.

“We can’t give them the highest, greatest level of customer service when there’s a line out the door,” Lyder said. “I would love for students to come in and use their points before the last weeks of school.”

Lyder said the menu, which was pared down last semester to remove items that had not been selling well, will not be altered during the final weeks of the semester as it had been in the past. 

“The menu is really comprised of student favorites,” Lyder said. 

Last semester, the Daily Campus reported that the university was exploring bids with restaurant operators to put a different restaurant in Chuck and Augie’s space.

Lyder said Chuck and Augie’s will continue to operate with the mentality that it is going to be sticking around.

“We work every day as if we’re a growing concern,” Lyder said.

Anna Zarra Aldrich is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at She tweets @ZarraAnna.

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