‘New year, new me’ is a valid strategy


(Amar Batra/The Daily Campus)

Spring semester at UConn means a long and often bitter winter, waking up early, and four more months of worrying about classes. Despite all of this, students are and should be excited for the prospects of the time to come! To go along with the new year, there are a slew of new opportunities, activities and aspirations ready to be experienced.

The key to getting the most out of the coming months at UConn is to have a strong, fresh start right out of the gate, at least according to studies done by head of UConn marketing department Robin Coulter and others. By using the prospect of a new year as a reset point, they found that people across all walks of life can help themselves and others more effectively.

As far as possible goals to keep in mind, there are always plenty of possibilities. Eating healthier is always attainable through the university’s dining halls and beyond. The gym is right on campus behind the Student Union. As tempting as Storrs Center can be, working to keep more money saved for later is just as appealing.

Clubs are starting their second semester recruitment period. Of course, there is also always the want to work hard and improve grades. Whatever the goal may be, there are options all around to get there, as well as a support system to aid in achievement.

Especially after a tough first semester, it can be difficult to find a way out of the self-imposed rut of discontent. Even adopting and truly working to appreciate the concept of starting anew does not necessarily make it easier, but there are ways to improve. Clearing the mind of past mistakes and missteps is crucial to seeing the way ahead.

Luckily, forces have conspired to give UConn students the perfect opportunity to take some time to think about a fresh start. Wednesday’s snow day momentarily slowed the demand of classes, making the already relaxed syllabus week even simpler. With this extra time, students should consider not only looking through the syllabi given to them but also setting some goals for the semester to come.

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