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Parades are great and St. Patrick’s Day parades are no exception. (Courtesy/Wikimedia Commons)

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner on Saturday, March 17 and people are scrambling to make plans to celebrate. This isn’t just a holiday for the Irish; it’s a day for everyone to have an excuse to drink pints of beer and dress in a monochrome of green. So if you have no clue where to go to see a guy dressed as a leprechaun, see young children step dance or hear the gorgeous twang of an Irish accent, don’t panic. There are plenty of options for you out there.

Parades are great and St. Patrick’s Day parades are no exception. Beyond the added bonus of the blare of the bagpipes or the teams of children step dancing at a level you will never achieve, you may find entertainment just watching your fellow spectators. There’s nothing like seeing hundreds of inebriated adults dive in front of children to grasp for the candy thrown off passing floats. The best parade to view in Connecticut would be Hartford’s on Saturday, March 10. It begins at 11 a.m., and will be featuring several nearby towns. To find the best spot to watch from, you can view the parade route online.

Unfortunately, drinking at parades tends to involve bringing your own alcohol with you. If that sort of effort doesn’t speak to you, then you can visit any one of the Irish pubs around Connecticut. Todd Lyon of Connecticut Magazine underwent a statewide pub crawl to find out which were the best Irish pubs in Connecticut. His top choices were The Black Sheep in Niantic, The Trinity Bar and Restaurant in New Haven, Tigín in Stamford, Inishmor Pub in Colchester and the Half-Door in Hartford. Lyon makes sure to get across the point that Irish pubs go beyond the sale of Guinness; they are great places to taste Irish cuisines and partake in Irish culture. The best part of these pubs is they’re open year-round, so if you find one this St. Patrick’s Day that you absolutely love, you don’t have to wait another year until you can go back.

If drinking isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of fun, sober options. There are several runs happening for St. Patrick’s Day across Connecticut. O’Niantic 5k in Niantic is on March 17, while O’Hartford 5k in Hartford is on March 18 and Jonny’s Jog for Charity in West Hartford is on March 25. There will also be St. Patrick’s Day themed dances and brunches held across Connecticut.

St. Patrick’s Day can be as low key as a family movie night viewing of Disney’s “The Luck of the Irish,” or as intense as running a 5k. There are options out there for every person, introverted or extroverted, sleepy or energetic. But if your St. Patrick’s Day festivities don’t pan out as well as you hoped, no worries. Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is the best kind of backup, with it rolling out across Boston the day after St. Patrick’s Day.

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