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There are various UConn terms derived from Nickel Night at Huskies bar which may be incomprehensible to someone not familiar with the area. (Tyler Benton/The Daily Campus) 

There are various UConn terms derived from Nickel Night at Huskies bar which may be incomprehensible to someone not familiar with the area. (Tyler Benton/The Daily Campus) 

Much in the same way a Scotsman might exclaim, “You’re looking awfy peely-wally, chum,” on any given Thursday night a UConn student might say, “Let’s make a packy and head to Nickel.” Both are equally as incomprehensible to someone not familiar with the various diminutives, nicknames and abbreviations endemic to a region. In the 137 years since UConn was founded, the many generations of students to step foot on campus have left their mark in the strange monikers we all use every day. As mentioned in the previous example, “Nickel Night,” simply referred to as “Nickel,” is a Husky’s rite of passage into upperclassman-ship. Every Thursday night around 8 p.m. at Huskies, a line can be seen snaking down the wide wooden steps from the entrance to the parking lot, everybody waiting patiently for their turn at 25-cent drinks and inhibition.

If campus was a target, then the Homer Babbidge Library, or “Homer B,” would sit right on the bullseye. The massive brick structure whose monolithic appearance is only interrupted by asymmetrically-placed windows and angular corners serves as a place of quiet refuge perfect for writing essays, studying for exams or pretending to do either of those things while sipping a Dunkin’ iced coffee.

Don’t have time to sit down for a meal at the dining hall? Grab a bite and spend your points at “The U.” The Student Union is home to a number of food stops, including the Union Street Market, Subway and The Bistro on Union Street, a brand new French-inspired restaurant in the former location of Chuck and Augie’s. Alternatively, if you miss the normal dining hall operating hours, hit “late night.” A select number of dining halls stay open until 10 p.m. serving a variety of student favorites. Wing Wednesday, Mac & Cheese Monday and Taco Tuesday highlight the weekly offerings.

UConn is and always will be a basketball school, but that doesn’t stop students from showing up by the busload to “The Rent.” Rentschler Field, located outside of Hartford, is UConn’s home field away from home, but it’s worth the 45-minute drive. Just make sure to arrive early enough to catch the tailgate. This is not your father’s ladder toss and hamburgers on the George Foreman type of tailgate. Participants often leave with ringing ears and the unmistakable odor of stale beer on their clothes. Just make sure to duck if you see a beer can hurtling toward you.

If you hear buzz around campus of some big event coming up, chances are it’s run by SUBOG. SUBOG stands for Student Union Board of Governors and is the largest student-run programming board at UConn. It is most known for bringing in major performers, comedians and speakers including Khalid and Stephen A. Smith, as well as hosting traditional events like homecoming, weekly movies, the Food Truck Festival and the infamous One Ton Sundae.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of Storrs-specific terms, hopefully it is enough to get you started in navigating the complicated lexical landscape of UConn.

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