Column: Will a better fan experience really help Rentschler attendance?


 File- UConn football fans have struggled to pack Rentschler Field in the past. Will an improved an game day experience make a difference in 2018?  (File photo/The Daily Campus) 

It was announced by the UConn Athletic Department that there will be an increased focus on fan game day experience at the Rentschler this season.

It’ll kick off Thursday when last year’s “national champion” No. 21 UCF comes to town. The parking lots will open at 2 p.m. for tailgating with season parking pass holders allowed to enter at 1 p.m. Tailgating will be allowed after the game for two hours.

There will also be an inaugural Happy Hour during the first hour of the gates opening at Rentschler. In addition to Happy Hour, there will be more promotional giveaways, discounted food and the list goes on.

This is all well and good, and props to the Athletic Department because it certainly makes the fan experience better.

There just won’t be enough fans experiencing all of this. None of these implemented ideas change the fact that the team is just not very good.

Nevertheless, UCF might draw a crowd. The self-proclaimed national champions are still a nationally ranked team coming into this year. Still, the student fan base isn’t interested in making their way to East Hartford to watch the Huskies get blown out by the end of the first half.

What the student body is interested in is tailgates. Allotting more time for tailgates before and after the game is a good idea in theory, but more often than not you’ll still see the exodus of students heading towards school busses as it inches closer towards game time.

Connor Donahue is the digital editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at He tweets @conn_donahue.

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