UConn Transportation alters bus routes in response to congestion


Some more changes have been made to the bus routes. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

Some more changes have been made to the bus routes. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

In response to logistical issues, the University of Connecticut Blue bus line and Yellow line will undergo alterations in routes and lengths, effective Tuesday, Sept. 4, according to UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz.

Blue Line will now use North Eagleville Road, cutting off service to L Lot, X Lot and Lot 9, and instead stopping in front of the Public Safety building (UCPD headquarters) according to a Daily Digest article released on Tuesday.

Yellow Line will now connect to W Lot, connecting to South Campus and the Fine Arts Complex through Route 195, according to the UConn Transportation website.

Changes to the bus lines for the 2018-2019 has faced heavy criticism from the student body, especially due to the lack of bus service to central campus through Hillside Road. Reitz said this was a logistical decision.

“The volume of pedestrian traffic on and across Hillside Road, particularly between Glenbrook Road and Gilbert Road, led to the decision to remove all shuttles from that roadway except a single route circulating the campus core,” Reitz said. “The decision to limit the number of shuttle routes on Hillside required the reconstruction of all the lines that formerly traveled that section of roadway. While the effects of the shuttle and traffic changes can be modeled in advance, the real world often differs from those expectations. Subsequent changes are sometimes required once experience with the effect of the initial changes are gained.

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