Column: Put some respect on Isaiah Thomas’ name


Isaiah Thomas raises his arms as he celebrates after hitting a 3-pointer against the Charlotte Hornets during the second half of a game in Boston, Monday, Jan. 16, 2017. (Charles Krupa/AP)

Serious question: Why do people hate Isaiah Thomas?

A 5-foot-9 guy, picked last in the draft, made a name for himself after toiling away in Sacramento and Phoenix for the beginning of his career. It’s a comeback story for a guy that shouldn’t be playing that well for his size.

What’s not to love?

Remember, Thomas is just a year removed from finishing fifth in MVP voting and earning the nickname “King in the Fourth” for his consistent late-game heroics for the Boston Celtics.

IT is flat-out fun to watch, and now he wants to know why you hate him.

Sure, the road has been bumpy for Thomas since the blockbuster trade that sent him to Cleveland in exchange for Kyrie Irving. Thomas played just 15 games for the Cavs before being shipped off to the Lakers. He finished with 15.6 points per game and five assists per game in 17 games with Los Angeles.

There was some speculation as to what Thomas would do this offseason, with reports even saying he tested the waters with the Celtics for a possible return.

In the end, the point guard signed a one-year, veteran-minimum contract of $2 million dollars with the Denver Nuggets.

I genuinely hope I.T. has phenomenal year. How could you not? Where is the hate coming from?

Is it because he wanted the Celtics to back up the Brink’s truck?

Thomas was coming off the best season of his career. He had never before received a contract of the magnitude he was asking for. If there was a time he would ever make that money in his career, it was then. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to get paid.

Are you mad at how he handled the trade to Cleveland? Let’s talk about it.

Thomas played the 2017 playoffs despite the tragic loss of his sister Chyna right before the playoffs started. He played directly after 13 hours of mouth surgery for losing a tooth during a playoff game. Thomas toughed through a hip injury for two rounds of playoff basketball, an injury that would ultimately sideline him for months.

Thomas is one of the most beloved Celtics I can remember in my lifetime. The city of Boston loved him, and he loved them back. He gave the Celtics everything he had every night.

We were supposed to knock out LeBron and the Cavs together. We were going to sign Gordon Hayward and make a run at the Warriors in the Finals. Hayward was signed, and Thomas was traded to the very team we were supposed to beat.

I understand it’s a business. But Thomas is only human. How do you not feel stabbed in the back after that move?

There are others that have a problem with his playing style. Some of those people were reportedly his teammates in Boston. Thomas had to play that way. The Celtics went noticeably quiet on offense whenever the guard wasn’t on the floor.

Are you mad that he called Cleveland a sh*thole? OK. Fair.

But have you ever been to Cleveland? How do you know it’s not?

Connor Donahue is the digital editor for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at He tweets at @conn_donahue.

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