USG to host forum for parking and transportation complaints


Parking woes have captured much conversation at UConn this fall (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

Amid campus-wide controversy in Storrs, student parking and transportation complaints at the University of Connecticut have inspired a public forum.

This public meeting will take place tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. in McHugh Hall (Laurel), room 101.

The meeting, hosted by Undergraduate Student Government, will be facilitated by seventh-semester senior physiology and neurobiology student Omar Taweh.

Taweh posted his initial Facebook call-to-arms on Sept. 3, asking students to attend a meeting aimed at discussing recent issues with parking and transportation.

The student-led meeting last week detailing on-campus parking gripes has successfully caught the attention of university officials, who will be attending the forum tonight.

Taweh said he and Michael Jednak, the Associate Vice President of Facilities Operations and Building Services, will introduce tonight’s topic.

Jednak will detail the changes that have been made this year and the reasons behind them, Taweh said.

Following a slideshow presentation, the forum will conclude with a panel to answer student questions. The panel will include Jednak, a representative from UConn communications and Director of Parking Services, Dwight Atherton, Taweh said.

“(I hope the forum will) establish a more transparent relationship between transportation services and the student body,” Taweh said.

The forum will also provide an opportunity for students to take heir concerns about on-campus transportation directly to the administration, Taweh said.

“I strongly believe that (Jednak) is being quite responsive to students and making an effort to push forward an initiative to hear out students and work with them to improve transportation,” Taweh said.

While the student response has been strong, Taweh said that the university reaction has been lackluster.

I hope the forum will) establish a more transparent relationship between transportation services and the student body
— Omar Taweh

“On a critical note, I think that the University communications department is trying to paint the issue in a light that diminishes the severity of the issue,” Taweh said. “That being said, I anticipate a successful forum and am excited to see a passionate student body unified behind one common goal.”

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