Letter to the Editor: West will win


To whom it may concern:

My name is Stephen Winchell (CLAS ‘08). I lived in West, and I am ready for war. Towers and the blue-blooded rats who live and lived there — especially Mr. Sean Rose (CLAS ‘09) — are going to feel the full force of my fury. Now I am become Death, the destroyer of Towers.

In the past my letters have been cordial. I’ve tried to squeeze my feelings of pure hatred into the constricting but socially acceptable costume known as civility. But Towers doesn’t deserve civility anymore. Mr. Rose, in his last letter, crossed a line. He called me a liar. I presented clear and documented cases where the residents of Towers were petulant babies, and he waved them off. “Ludicrous,” he called them. “Lies,” he said. What kind of person sees an obvious truth, and then twists and weaponizes that truth as fake? I’ll tell you the kind of person: Mr. Sean Rose. And President Donald Trump.

Listen to the way Mr. Rose talks about West residents. He dehumanizes us. He insults and others us. He has no interest in learning the nuance and the reality of West. “Unwashed,” he’s called us. And our home? “A disgusting sink pit.” He’s clearly taking a page from the evil playbook of Donald Trump. How interesting!

I’m not surprised, though. Donald Trump grew up a pampered elite, sequestered from the vibrant life on the streets of New York. Like a Towers resident, he was too wealthy to fail, too protected by prestige to let his dark secrets come to light. He even lived in a Tower. And look how he turned out! Warped, evil, and cruel. He dismisses his critics as liars. Sound familiar, Mr. Rose?

If Towers is the contemporary crew of Republican hatemongers, do you know what West is? We’re the resistance. We’re Rogue NASA. We’re Woodward and Bernstein. We’re not much compared to the opulence of Towers. We don’t have lavish things like elevators and a dining hall. No, in the big picture, we’re just little people. But there’s a lot of little people out there, and we’ve had enough. Rise up, Chandler/Lancaster, Shakespeare/Troy! Resist, Hollister and Alsop! Fight, UCONN! We’re better than the scum of Towers!

Throw off your shackles and prepare for war! West is Best! Towers is Terror!

Thank you for your time,
Stephen Winchell
CLAS, 08

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