Gnash continues to evoke powerful emotions in debut album


Gnash, an up-and-coming musician based in Los Angeles, released his debut album “We” on Jan. 19 after releasing strictly EPs since 2015.

The album “We” features singles that were released prior to the album, such as “the broken hearts club,” “imagine if” and “nobody’s home.”

On top of the singles, the album also includes the fan-favorite song r “i hate u, i love u” that features pop artist Olivia O’brien, which gained popularity when it was released back in 2017. This song is what launched Gnash’s career into what it is today.

“the broken hearts club” sparked something bigger than a release. His current tour is named after the single and it is meant as a concept of inclusivity. The song is about feelings, specifically the feelings of loneliness and sadness that may occur during heartbreak. The song uses “the broken hearts club” as a concept to unite others who have been through these same feelings.

“imagine if” is a reminiscent and raw song about looking back on all the mistakes you may have made, whether it be related to romantic relationships or life in general. The opening line to the song says “If I could go back…Just for a night…I would see the future…And I’d make it alright.”

“nobody’s home” is about physically and emotionally being lonely, and missing the feeling of spending alone time with someone. He sings, “Whoa, nobody’s home, I’m all alone. Guess I’ll just sit here and stare at my phone. When I’m all alone, you don’t even know, how bad I’d love to be alone with you.”

The album does not only consist of sad songs about loneliness and regret. It also features songs like “pajamas” and “dear insecurities” that touch upon a different feeling. “pajamas” is a fun song about staying in pajamas and spending time at home, while “dear insecurities” is essentially a personified conversation with his insecurities.

The album as a whole is a walk through the feelings that someone, or even Gnash himself, may feel during the difficult time of a breakup. Gnash is known for his deep, relatable lyrics and “We” is the epitome of that. The album has the intimate feeling in both lyrics and sound that is reminiscent of someone singing at a campfire with their friends.

Due to the feeling Gnash’s music evokes with his audience, some of his fans feel as though these songs helped them feel less alone. In the very beginning of Gnash’s bio he even says “Hi! My name’s Garrett, but a lot of people call me Gnash, and I’m here to let you know you’re not alone.”

The name “We” follows the theme of the string of EPs released such as “U,” “Me” and “Us.” In Gnash’s biography mentions the meaning behind those EPs as a whole concept. “The 3 EP’s I’ve released, ‘U,’ ‘Me’ and ‘Us,’ serve as a walk through a breakup, finding yourself and finding something new, but also the universality of that journey and the harmony that comes from learning how to coexist with other people in this often self-centered world we live in,” Gnash said. “Eventually, I want to make a song for every feeling.”

Rating: 5/5

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