Roundtable: What do you think of our new president, Dr. Thomas Katsouleas?


Courtney Gavitt, Associate Digital Editor 

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting President Thomas Katsouleas yet, but I’m really impressed by him. I barely knew what Susan Herbst looked like, let alone saw her around campus. From day one, Katsouleas— or Tomkat, which is the coolest nickname ever, if you ask me— made himself known on campus. Between his coffee hours and helping with move-in day, he seems to actually care about UConn students. I also love how he toured UConn on an actual, student-led tour. I can’t imagine it would have been hard to arrange a more personal tour by some kind of professional on campus, so actions like this show how down-to-Earth he is. And of course we can’t forget all the videos of him skateboarding around campus.  

He’s been putting in the effort to actually be a part of UConn, and I really appreciate it. He’s kind of the “cool dad” of UConn. I love that he feels like an actual person and not just some guy in an office. 

Brandon Barzola, Staff Writer 

I met President Katsouleas at the Torch Lighting Convocation Ceremony a little over a week ago and he pointed out my new pair of red Vans and said “Nice shoes!” Between that interaction and the brief conversation I had with him after the ceremony, I could tell he had a genuine personality. He seemed excited to be delivering his speech and poured all his energy into delivering the husky chant at the end. Unlike Susan Herbst, Katsouleas has made his presence known around campus and makes it clear that he wants to connect with all students. Whether it’s getting coffee or helping the freshmen move in, you can tell he’s serious about getting involved in the student body. With everything he’s done in these first couple weeks at UConn, it’s safe to say that Katsouleas truly is “an icon.” 

I’m excited to keep up with his Instagram posts and see how else he’ll pop up around campus to bring a smile to every student’s face. I hope that as the school year progresses, he doesn’t get too busy and continues to maintain the charismatic personality he’s come to be known for.    

Jordi Castelli, Campus Correspondent  

When I chose to go to UConn I automatically assumed I would never see our president. Being the head of so many students, and having to delegate so many important tasks, how could they possibly have time to be involved on campus? President Katsouleas has completely proven me wrong. Over the summer, a picture of him moving in a freshman’s pet fish appeared on my Instagram feed and immediately I was in love. I mean, c’mon, how many collegiate presidents help their first year students move in, down to their pet fish? It’s so refreshing to finally see someone of power be enthusiastic about their job. There’s a massive difference between a candidate who is qualified for the job, and one who actually wants it. I’m so excited for President Katsouleas to begin his journey at UConn and I can’t wait to see what wonderful changes he makes.  

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