Antonia Moran


Antonia Moran, a Democratic candidate for Mansfield Town Council, said she hopes to help tackle upcoming projects if re-elected. Moran has served five terms and is currently Mansfield’s Deputy Mayor.

Moran said the two biggest projects for Town Council to address in the upcoming year are hiring a new town manager and continuing discussions of plans for consolidation of elementary schools. 

“First, we have to hire a good town manager, and second, we have to get the school projects going,” Moran said. “And then, we have to take serious town facilities into account… One of the things that is being in government, whether in state or local, there are sometimes [issues] you anticipate and always something new to learn.”    

As deputy mayor, Moran helps work with the mayor to convene town council meetings, set the agenda and attend meetings that the mayor can not go to, she said. Moran said she is the face of the town when the mayor can’t be. 

“The mayor needs a deputy mayor because sometimes they are sick and need a stand-in,” Moran said. “It’s a great leadership role and I wanted to serve in that role.”  

Moran said she had taught political science at Central Connecticut State University for 20 years and concentrated in local politics before being a member of town council. When she retired, she decided to “put [her] money where [her] mouth is” and enter local politics.  

“People forget that local government is important to everyone’s life. It sets the tone of the community, it establishes parks and recreation, schools, public life of all sorts,” Moran said. “It does everything from garage services to helping the library get the books you want. It is everywhere and it is important. I wanted to be on town council to preserve the quality of life for Mansfield.”  

Moran urges people to vote in the upcoming election and do their research before heading to the polls.  

“If you believe you live in a democracy, you got to vote,” Moran said. 

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