Decade in Review: Major and Minor changes 


In this file photo, a student walks into a lecture hall. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

In this file photo, a student walks into a lecture hall. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

Over the past 10 years, there have been 11 new majors, 37 new minors, three removed majors and eight removed minors at the University of Connecticut.

UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said the new majors were added to fit the expressed needs of the undergraduate population.  

“The new majors reflect areas in which careers are flourishing and demand for skilled workers are growing, and/or areas in which we’ve seen significant student interest, such as the human rights major and environmental studies,” Reitz said.  “They cross disciplines to include business fields, humanities and other areas.” 

The three majors that were removed were agricultural education, horticulture and risk management and insurance. Reitz said the curriculum for each are now available in different ways.  

“Although three majors were eliminated, the curriculum in each is still available and offered under different umbrellas for those interested in the particular fields of study,” Reitz said.  

For horticulture, it is available as a concentration area in the bachelor’s program in Sustainable Plant and Soil Systems called “environmental horticulture,” a concentration area in the bachelor’s program in Plant Science and Landscape Architecture called “ornamental horticulture,”  as a minor called “ornamental horticulture,” and as an associate’s degree through the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture called an “associate’s degree of applied sciences in Plant Science,” Reitz said.  

Agricultural education is now offered as part of a partnership between the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources (CAHNR) and the Neag School of Education, according to the CAHNR Undergraduate Academic Programs website.  

Students select a discipline-based undergraduate major in CAHNR and complete education courses and certification requirements in Neag.  

Reitz said risk management and insurance isn’t a stand-alone major now because the “concepts are so important to a business education that instruction in various areas of those fields is spread across the School of Business.” The topics from risk management and insurance are now included in specialized classes, such as the MS in financial risk management.  

The added majors are:  

  • Environmental studies  

  • Business administration  

  • Digital marketing and analytics  

  • Financial management  

  • Digital media and design  

  • Arabic and Islamic Civilizations  

  • Geographic Informations Science  

  • Human Rights  

  • Chinese 

  • Judaic Studies  

  • Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences 

  • Social Work   

The removed majors are:  

  • Agricultural Education 

  • Horticulture 

  • Risk Management and Insurance   

The added minors are:  

  • Accounting  

  • American Sign Language and Deaf Culture 

  • Analytics 

  • Arabic and Islamic Civilizations 

  • Asian Studies 

  • Astrophysics 

  • Business Fundamentals 

  • Business Management and Marketing 

  • Chinese 

  • Computer Science 

  • Construction Engineering and Management 

  • Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

  • Crime and Justice 

  • Digital Arts 

  • Digital Humanities 

  • Digital Marketing and Analytics 

  • Dramatic Arts 

  • Engineering Management – Business 

  • Engineering Management – Engineering 

  • Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation 

  • Global Environmental Change 

  • Global Studies 

  • Healthcare Management and Insurance Studies 

  • Human Development and Family Sciences 

  • Information Assurance 

  • Integrated Pest Management  

  • Interpreting Between American Sign Language and English  

  • Literary Translation  

  • Management  

  • Manufacturing  

  • Medieval Studies  

  • Nanomaterials  

  • Real Estate  

  • Social Justice Organizing  

  • Studio Art  

  • Sustainable Community Food Systems  

  • Sustainable Environmental Systems  

  • Sustainable Food Crop Production 

The removed minors are:  

  • Agribusiness Management  

  • Aquaculture Business Management  

  • Business  

  • Criminal Justice  

  • International Studies  

  • Landscape Design  

  • Slavic and Eastern European Studies  

  • Theatre Production  

  • Theatre Studies  

Rachel Philipson is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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