Gant Complex finishes first phase of renovations


Construction continues this semester on the Gant Science Complex, expanding across the elevated platform . Photo by Avery Bikerman/The Daily Campus.

Construction continues this semester on the Gant Science Complex, expanding across the elevated platform. Photo by Avery Bikerman/The Daily Campus.

The University of Connecticut Gant Science Complex has completed the first phase of its renovations, and will soon move on to the second out of three phases. 

The first phase began in 2017 and was focused on the construction of Gant Plaza, the central building of the complex, and renovations of Gant South. The Gant Complex houses the UConn physics department, as well as classrooms and labs for biology, math and engineering students. 

The renovations of the building coincide with the redesign of several introductory physics courses from the traditional lab/lecture teaching style to a studio style course, which meets three times a week and integrates labs and lectures into a single class. 

Matthew Phillips is a physics graduate student who teaches Physics 1501Q: Physics for Engineers, one of the introductory physics classes at UConn. Phillips said that he thought the renovations were beneficial to the physics program. 

“[The classrooms] back the whole philosophy behind the studio class, which would be lots of room to interact with other students, whiteboards all around, lots of screen projectors and advanced technology,” Phillips said. “I think the construction was very deliberate, and thus far I think it’s been good.” 

The second phase will be focused on renovating Gant West, and the third will focus on Gant North. Those renovations are scheduled to be finished in 2024. 

The renovations were intended to make the Gant Complex more environmentally friendly, according to the University Planning, Design and Construction website. On a greater scale, this construction is part of the Next Generation Connecticut, or NextGenCT, initiative. 

NextGenCT is a collaboration between the state of Connecticut and UConn to expand science, technology, engineering and math innovation in the state, according to the NextGen Connecticut website. This initiative will cost almost $2 billion over the 11 years it’s scheduled to take place. 

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