Letter to the Editor: My generation is instrumental to the process


On March 17, Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator for the White House’s coronavirus task force urged: “Right now we need the army of millennials out there doing everything that they can to protect themselves from getting infected because we know a lot of their cases will be mild or asymptomatic, and making sure that they’re doing every single precaution to protect their parents and grandparents.”  

I couldn’t agree more. As a young person and college student, I already find myself longing for the days of carefree campus life. I miss my friends and am sorely disappointed to see my second semester cut so short. However, there are far more serious issues at hand during these times, and we must be mindful to not lose sight of that. 

My generation is instrumental to the process of slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus and keeping our communities safe, and if we do not step up to our responsibility of taking every possible precaution, lives will be lost. Now more than ever, it is vital that we take every individual action that we can to protect our grandparents, professors, neighbors, and community members; to care for our community together; to come together by staying apart. 

Social distancing is the biggest way that we can make a difference. By reducing interpersonal contact, we can significantly disrupt the spread of the virus and ensure that masses of people do not get sick at once, which would overwhelm our fragile health care system and cost an unknown number of lives. The times we find ourselves in are very uncertain, but one thing is clear: we must stay home. My peers and I are pledging to stay home, and we implore that you do so as well. Please stay home and avoid public places if you can.

 We’re calling on our student government presidents, our football quarterbacks and our peers to sign and share the pledge at studentpirgs.org/pledge. Together we can take action for a change and keep our communities safe.


Irene Soteriou

Class of 2023, Statistics and Cognitive Science double major, Communication Minor

University of Connecticut 


Affordable Textbooks Campaign Intern

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