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Actor and filmmaker John Krasinski started his own news show on YouTube called Some Good News (SGN) right from the comfort of his own home. 

Known for his role as Jim Halpert on “The Office,” Krasinski shares good news from around the world and has a celebrity guest appear in every episode. With a logo designed by his daughters, Krasinski recaps some of the uplifting news that happened that week. 

In the first episode, Krasinski shared reports about people thanking healthcare professionals across the world. In Spain, police stood outside of a hospital and flashed their lights and applauded to show their appreciation for healthcare providers. Krasinski also shared videos of NATO sailors and staff applauding healthcare heroes at sea. There were even more heartwarming stories, like an elderly man singing to his wife through a window at a nursing home, or homeowners leaving out toilet paper and hand sanitizer for delivery drivers to take with them. 

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of “The Office,” Krasinski talked to Steve Carrell over Zoom, and they shared some of their favorite memories on set. The full 15-minute interview is also available on the SGN YouTube channel. 

John Krasinski in 2009.  Photo in the    public domain

John Krasinski in 2009. Photo in the public domain

On April 5, Krasinski released the second episode that held even more good news and a cameo from actor Robert De Niro. There were stories of companies donating personal protective equipment to healthcare professionals and people sewing their own facemasks. Krasinski also shared videos and photos of parents keeping their kids entertained at home amidst the pandemic. 

Currently trending at No. 1 on YouTube with over 3 million views, the highlight of the episode was when Krasinski talked to Aubrey, a 9-year-old girl who wasn’t able to see her favorite Broadway show, “Hamilton.” He surprised her by having “Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel Miranda join the Zoom call. Even better, the rest of the cast of “Hamilton” joined the Zoom call and performed “Alexander Hamilton” right in front of Aubrey, leaving her speechless. 

Krasinski has received an outcry of support from the internet. YouTube users have commented saying how each episode has made them unexpectedly emotional and that they really appreciate the inclusion of good news among all the coverage of the coronavirus. On Twitter, actor George Takei called episode two “heartwarming,” and singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow called it the “best thing I have ever seen.”

“No matter how dark it gets, there is always good in the world,” Krasinski said at the end of episode two. 

For your weekly intake of positive news and a reminder that there is still good in the world, new episodes of SGN are released every Sunday night. Viewers can also share good news and wholesome moments with Krasinski via Instagram or Twitter with #SomeGoodNews or by tagging @SomeGoodNews

Thumbnail image via @SomeGoodNews

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