The newest singles, ranked from ‘must-add’ to ‘must skip’ on your quarantine playlists


New singles from artists such as The Weeknd and more.  Photo via    @theweeknd

New singles from artists such as The Weeknd and more. Photo via @theweeknd

Just because it seems like the world has been put on pause due to coronavirus doesn’t mean music releases have been experiencing the same lag. In fact, now more than ever artists are livestreaming at-home concerts, releasing new tracks and building their communities. Here’s a list of just a few of the most recent single releases, ranked from a must-add to your quarantine playlists to those that are better off skipped.

Troye Sivan “Take Yourself Home”

Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan does aesthetic synth-pop better than anything, and he doesn’t disappoint with his newest single “Take Yourself Home” which was released on April 1. The track is a perfect mix of Sivan’s nearly haunting, ethereal vocals laid over a dance-inducing, bass-heavy beat. This is the perfect song to put on to dream about summer (hopefully post-corona) or if you need to dance around your room while still feeling a little emo.

The Weeknd “Nothing Compares – Bonus Track”

On April 3, The Weeknd released the deluxe version of his newest album “After Hours.” The deluxe version of the album features three bonus tracks, “Nothing Compares,” “Missed You” and “Final Lullaby.” While none of the bonus songs are bad, “Nothing Compares” especially stands out with its catchy synth-heavy beats and The Weeknd’s sweet, angelic vocals crooning about true love. Like most of The Weeknd’s music, it’s best enjoyed late at night while having philosophical thoughts on life.

DaBaby “Find My Way”

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, better known as his stage name “DaBaby,” can do little wrong in terms of music in my opinion, and “Find My Way” is no different. The single is much different than DaBaby’s usual fun, high-energy discography as this track uses a gentler R&B beat rather than his hardcore hip hop rhythm. However, like everything else he’s done, DaBaby masters it, proving to have a smooth, melodic voice in addition to his strong rap game.

Future “Tycoon”

“Tycoon” is a classic mellow Future track with a repetitive, catchy beat and autotuned lyrics typical of the artist. While the content of the lyrics aren’t anything new or especially profound, the good hook and bass-boosted beat make up for it. Put on this track while driving around your neighborhood to escape the quarantine blues for a while.

Tory Lanez “Who Needs Love”

Tory Lanez always seems to fluctuate between an old-school, sometimes cheesy R&B sound and a hard, catchy rap tone. Unfortunately, his newest release “Who Needs Love” swings more towards the artificial ballad side. The almost sweet, old school beat doesn’t match Lanez’s more aggressive lyrics on this track, giving the overall impression of a confused piece. Nothing’s really wrong with it, but the track seems tired and unoriginal.

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