2021 Huskython kicks off fundraising with online Convocation, hopes for in-person dance


One of the University of Connecticut’s most honored and popular traditions, HuskyTHON, began its 2021 campaign last Thursday in their online Convocation.  

HuskyTHON is a massive fundraising campaign which donates to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, culminating in an 18-hour dance marathon in February. Students at UConn have raised over 1.5 million dollars in the last year alone to provide care for children battling heart problems, cancer and mental health issues. Speakers at the live event promised to provide a powerful and memorable experience regardless of what the future holds. 

UConn President Thomas Katsouleas spoke at the event, praising the continual growth in donations over the years and the passion students hold for the event. 

“I know there’s a lot of different college celebrations and traditions, but none of them build a community like HuskyTHON,” Katsouleas said.  

While no definite statement was made about whether the dance marathon would be held at Storrs, all speakers hoped that HuskyTHON would proceed as it has in years prior. 

Among many of the HuskyTHON board members present at the live stream was Mitchell Lisowski, vice president of communication. Lisowski, a seventh-semester digital media and design major, has been involved in HuskyTHON since his freshman year. 

“Together, we can make an endless number of miracles,” he said, before the start of the new “Imagine A World” video, officially beginning this year’s fundraiser. 

 To get involved or donate, Lisowski encouraged those curious to visit HuskyTHON.org for further information. 


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